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«For Will to Freedom!»
против  политических  репрессий
«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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    A Grenade for a Fascist

    для печати  

    I do not call the police!Late at night November, 14, 2005 a police patrol has brought a detainee suspected of hijacking to the call centre of the Ordzhonikidze police department of the city of Sverdlovsk at Shefskaya street. Perhaps he could be accused of it and the name of Andrey Mikov could never become famous. And the man himself could turn into a next line in a police report.
    But at that night the policemen were not on the cards to fulfill their black deed. Following the detainee a man entered the police department, pulled out an F-1 grenade, picked out the lock pin and threw it at the window where various unconscientious citizens poke their applications. He jumped at the exit and sprang out simultaneously with the explosion sound. It was Vladimir Spirin, 38 years old. Spirin was neither extremist nor revolutionary undermining organization member. An unemployed and certainly previously convicted. Released on parole from a penal colony in January 2003, a man of the people in general.
    He was neither demonstrating nor appealing, he was revenging. It was revenge of a Russian man having entered the warpath, the path of a merciless but not senseless rebellion. There was a reason. The duty officer, his assistant, a police driver and a criminal investigation operative officer were wounded, three of them badly. It was an adequate revenge for 11 years spent in penal colonies under police press. Spirin knew his human trust had been fulfilled and didn’t almost try to disappear.
    He was detained in 15 minutes not far from the place of occurrence. As soon as he had also been wounded by a frag but lightly he was taken to the hospital of the penal colony No.2. The first question Spirin asked at his interrogation was how many policemen were killed and he fell into real despair after having learned that they had been wounded only. He didn’t hide his intentions: to blow himself up and to take with him much more of those who had broken his life and lives of thousands of his compatriots. The charges were brought under the Articles 317 and 105 part 1 through Article 30 of the Criminal Code of RF: “Threat to law-enforcement officers’ life” and “Attempt to murder of several persons”.
    Spirin accepted these charges having testified that it had been just what he had intended to commit. But the punitive system couldn’t accept it. How can a man just come and kill an enemy? It is a system failure, the Matrix breakage. Who is he then? Of course a madman! A psychiatric examination was appointed to Vladimir Spirin. There is no doubt it would have found him insane because a man cannot aspire to justice, to direct implementation of people’s will. He should sit at his TV set at home, listen to it and follow it and to believe that lawbreakers from the Internal Affairs Ministry secure him of terrorists from the Federal Security Service. Everything is fine, it is necessary to say “ku”, to bow unto Putin and to be happy. It is ordered to be happy. But the adjusted mechanism failed. A raylet of fury and revenge as a military laser has burnt a hole in the armour of indifference and adulation and stroke a terrible blow. Three regime servants will never return from intensive care centre to their duties. They are unserviceable. But the detainee Andrey Mikov who had got a slight scrape only could explain to mass media due to his unexpected fame that he had been accused of hijacking his own car. So Mikov was cleared of suspicion and remained freeside.
    In late November Spirin was transferred from the penal colony IK No.2 hospital to the detainment centre SIZO No.1 of Sverdlovsk where he was placed in a separate cell No.15/34 for posing danger to policemen and the Main Department of the Penitentiary officers. But his examination and trial have never come. On November, 29 near 4 p.m. Spirin was found in his cell hung up on a rope derived from his bed-sheet. Of course it was explained by a suicide. Of course the prosecutor’s supervision on this matter has found no violations by the officers.
    Probably the people’s avenger was got rid of quietly. The truth apparently will be revealed after the revolution only. Neither public nor human rights associations paid any slight attention at this case being afraid of any relation to their names. Well, nobody expected anything more of them. The truth is not in them. It is in the people.
    It is in those who turn the stream round at their zero hour at the expense of their life and freedom, who stop the passage of the evil. Until there are such people Russia is alive and the Soviet Union is not lost. But let those who destroy and slander, who explode people and seek for terrorists afterwards, who keep case files under orders and put innocent men into prison, let them hang the hero’s portrait with an inscription “Remember Spirin’s Deed” according to an old camp tradition - because a man with a grenade can enter their doors at any time.

    Igor Fedorovich

    [ НАЗАД ]
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