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«For Will to Freedom!»
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«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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 Newspaper in English  >  For Will to Freedom! #11 - 2007    Понедельник, 25 марта 2019, 08:53 
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    Goebbels’ Arithmetic or How to Write Articles

    для печати  

    Weak whimpering can be found in left and patriotic press (real indignation is not expressed in such way) on the matter of impudent fraud of poor commoners by bourgeois mass media, of facts frame-up, of using unchecked data, of double standards, of undeserving fouling odious figures of our heroic past, raking in their dirty wash. Thereby the whimperers excuse, excuse, excuse…

    Табуретка от IKEA. Иван Ушков

    A reasonable question arises: if these bourgeois mass media methods influence on mass conscience so effectively why don’t we use them? There are so many wise books on this matter - as, for example, “Manipulation by conscience”.
    Haven’t the “democratic” authorities got a monopoly for lie? Of course, it is difficult to compete with glamourous press, moreover with the devil’s TV set. But it isn’t a reason to deny some incorrect methods of struggle. And we should “study, study and study” these methods…
    For example let’s take “victims of Stalin’s repressions” having ridden everybody to death and all sorts of “Holodomor” [“Hunger”] and give our adequate “Answer to Chamberlain”. A title: “The Ukrainian people genocide: The number of Ukrainians decreased by 20 million” should be printed in large type on the front page against the background of a heart-rending collage of dwellers’ corpses in a mortuary, drug-users and glue-sniffing children. Let’s prove - why 20 million? Let’s begin with some absolutely reliable and of course anonymous source as well as “data” obtained by the author by long-term burrowing secret archives of the SBU [the Security Service of Ukraine] and similar annals.
    These unverifiable “sources” would show that the number of 42 million inhabitants instead of 52 million in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic is too overestimated. Indeed the census has found 43,271,158 persons in Ukraine (such an exact number seems more valid). Taking into consideration the actual rate of population decline this number would count to less than 42 million. Afterwards any dweller would tell us for 10 hryvnas that it was L.D.Kuchma personally who ordered to overestimate the census results having introduced himself as his former friend-guardian-driver-janitor-tailor or a “lucky” by-passer. A dialogue may be invented with details of correction numbers in the report by the former president of a reference may be given to secret records like “Melnichenko’s tapes”. Further a detailed description of Kuchma’s hard situation on the eve of elections and severe consequences in the case of revelation of real numbers would follow. Such a bargaining chip would guarantee Simonenko’s victory (a communist’s) who has won anyway of course but wicked and malicious L.D. has sophisticated the polling results.
    But 10 million more should be found! It is not a problem - the information can be found in the same “annals” that there are 6 millions Tatar homecomers, refugees from Moldavia and Caucasus, Chechen fighters resting in pioneer camps, Mujaheddins and other Hobbits not to mention damned Muscovites of dual citizenship.
    But 20 million Ukrainians were concerned, weren’t they? Moreover, there are 400,000 AIDS patients! It is insufficient. But it is the official number which should be multiplied ten-fold to get a real one. It is well-known. AIDS patients would perish anyway sooner or later…
    Such an article published once or twice could be referenced as an official source in any later publication. In a year its validity would cause no doubts despite any refutations.
    So, let’s dare! Let the yellow press shake!
    Long live propaganda!

    Oleg Alekseev

    [ НАЗАД ]
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