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    The Main Feature: Society! Your driftwood fights for you


    All of us are different, very different people Of course this difference may be considered a wish to talk large. I also think so sometimes when in doldrums, but, on the other hand What did we have to do in prison and in colony except for endless talking? Attempts to understand each other, to persuade in something
    - Tell please, what for do you need this politics? Did anyones life improve because you had got into prison? Would it improve if you raise to power? What would improve? Would the superintendents gain extra earning?
    - No, I am not for superintendents, I am for common people
    - Look, the superintendents are the most common people. And all the most common people are like superintendents
    After having released I was sitting angry at my friends kitchen in Belgorod and a journalist from the newspaper MK-Belgorod( not yet disgraced) was interviewing me. Her drunken boy-friend was dangling nearby. They lived together on her salary.
    - Well, you are a communist, arent you? Is there anything good in your communism? My grandfather was dispossessed and exiled to Siberia. What did they give us while in power? What would you give us?
    - Well, if I come to power Ill come not to give but to take. To take your hands, your youthfulness, health and maybe your life. To take you from your warm bed to dig and to mine ore. To pick up the pieces of the great country of all the stolen and pulled apart.
    - Then you shouldnt have been imprisoned for three years But cracked quietly and buried somewhere in the forest.

    Society! Your Driftwood Fights For You

    After All Mikhalkov Is a Fine Fellow
    In 1999 she and I were airing our dogs over ravines and forests in outskirts of our small town. I like the girl, the Doberman Karats master very much Hey, havent you been to cinema? There is The Barber of Siberia! Mikhalkov! Havent you? Watch it anyway! Its wonderful! A very nice film After all Mikhalkov is a fine fellow!
    A quote from one of Dmitry Bakhurs interviews: The Barber of Siberia was not the reason that directed our action. I havent watched this movie to the end, I have left at the middle of the show - I was bored. The reason was Mikhalkovs PR action in Kazakhstan during Nazarbaevs elections. A heeler of any power Mikhalkov, a patriot by word of mouth, moved to support quite an anti-Russian and anti-human regime. It is interesting to know how much he was paid.
    I have come to Mikhalkovs seminar and my decision to act has drawn to its head immediately after the gorged self-complacent maestro had declared the time to raise a monument to him at the Russian land. Such an impudence made my blood boil. I didnt rely upon any condescension of the public which had hung upon Mikhalkovs lips delightedly a minute before. I expected for such reaction. But a startling matter occurred after the attackers ardour had quieted down. A pause emerged. There was silence. Two fellows keeping me turned my face to the scene. I was watching through a dimout the stage-director and actor of All Russia walking slowly (like in Cannes) downstairs from the scene and approaching to me at a broad and sweeping footpace. Lifting and striking me in the face.
    The most offensive was the impossibility to reply. I had been beaten before and was kept tightly at the moment. Then Karapetyan who was leading this party came and struck me by his foot, too, but in the belly. So quietly, meanly and surreptitiously.
    At the investigation period administrative responsibility was concerned. But Mikhalkov has written an application for initiation of a criminal case. He has stricken me and later put into prison
    At prison Dima has caught tuberculosis.
    A quote of Nikita Sergeevich Mikhalkov, an actor and stage-director: Our MikhAlkovs family is even generating from the Rurikoviches
    When the beating episode arose at Bakhurs trial MikhAlkov said it hadnt been he at the record but an unknown person that he hadnt beaten the boy and the leg hadnt been his one.
    In fact Mikhalkov is a humanist. He has saved Bakhur by his blow. Otherwise many things could be told at the investigation Bakhur could be considered a terrorist attempting at national wealth, with an adequate term of imprisonment (witnesses would be have found easily as well as indignant public). But the case was burked.
    Vassili Obidchenko

    With Love. Your Mother
    Recently the For Freedom group has published a miscellany of works We have made an agreement with the Death - that means with the Victory! A decision was taken to direct all the profit of its sale to aid to one of the authors Yan Mavlevich, a political prisoner whose condition was especially hard on our opinion. Everything was going along - the miscellany was published, it was being sold (although not so broadly due to its extremist contents), there were advertisements at some websites. For example, at But once having opened the very we saw the following: Dear holders and visitors of the website! You are unwillingly taking part in a fraud which can have terrible consequences. An advertisement is placed at your website about a miscellany of political prisoners poems published by National-Bolsheviks all the sales profit of which would be used for release of Yan Mavlevich represented as a fighter for the idea, a viciously suppressed innocent victim. In fact Yan Mavlevich is ill from his childhood, he was convicted for two brutal murders and the third not completed to its conclusion. There was no politics in the story but psychiatry only. As for his political views, one may look for his Iraqi reggae and find it in the Internet. Jihad and the cleanup of the humankind - thats his ideas. The funds collected and the acquired fame of a political prisoner could help him to implement them into practice. Such unscrupulousness (although everything cannot be checked) could compromise hardly your website as well as its founders and all the human rights movement.
    A psychological linguistic examination is not necessary to learn who has written this text. It was Natalia Samoilovna Mavlevich, a famous translator, the editor of the Family and school magazine, Yans mother The person seemed to be the nearest The person who had deprived Yan of everything - of his child, his family and the freedom It is due to her request that Yan has been kept for a year in the restricted department where he may use a pen and a paper only for a few minutes once in several days under the medical staffs control. In order for he couldnt write poems.
    Several mechanisms regulating human life have worked abnormally and their wheels have become distorted, coupled and mixed so that nothing can be corrected. There is an unquenchable thirst for perfection but not such when one begins with himself but when he adjusts everybody to his notion. It is so wide-spread in women pedagogues! A husband proved not to be perfect - she had to divorce, a lover proved not to be perfect for some reason, too. While she was looking into it her own son proved not to be perfect. But of course it was not my guilt! I was doing my best, I gave the child everything required according to my notion! So the child is ill as he was unable to adopt everything required! A mentally ill child is an unnecessary detail of a successful business womans biography. Moreover, he everlastingly expresses politically suspect ideas! Yan was 11 when his schizophrenia was diagnosed, unfortunately, there is no doubt in it. He has never lived independently, his street-cleaners and other jobs were occasional, Yans parents fed and supported him, that was natural for a person disabled from his childhood. Our house was always open for him and his various friends. In fact from the age of 14 he started on journeys regularly, and I searched for him in either Petersburg or Kiev. Do you know why is he a Die-hard? Thats because at the age of 15 he spent a night with two girl-friends in a tent near Lubertsy. He was a hippie but Lubertsy men disliked hippies. Since 18 Yan lived separately in a flat bought by his parents. But it doesnt mean living independently. He couldnt work and didnt work, naturally, he, his wife and child and all the hippie in-crowd conjointly were supported by his parents. Before his mythic deeds at the White House (on that day Yan came to me in an awful condition, having managed to visit both parties, to see and to hear much but he didnt rescue neither children nor victims I wanted to write believe me - but they wouldnt believe) in 1991 we have been at the White House together. The majority of Yans views, including political ones, are determined by the core of his personality and his disease: at the communists time he tore ties, took part in the action near the Mausoleum (an indecent word composed of alive bodies), he took baptism; as soon as all this no longer shocked the others - he became a theomachist and a Lenin-Stalin-Kim Jong Il-Pol Pot-Saddam Hussein worshipper.
    Fortunately, there are no insoluble problems. Yan organized a group engaged in the cleanup of the humankind. In fact, he did kill. He killed drug traffickers, pedophiles, rapists. Of course lynch-law is not a solution. But where is the trial then? The trial has come. Yan was arrested and sent to a psychiatric hospital for involuntary treatment (well, where else? Thats mother has taken care of from his childhood). And all the problems were solved. Moreover, an opportunity appeared to quench her thirst for perfection once more - to bring up a perfect grandson. It is so easy to limit the rights of Igors (Yans son) parents Igor was stolen from Yans wife Katya Yasinitskaya while she was traveling to have a meeting with him. She has never seen her son any more. In a few months Katya was deprived of paternal rights. Katya makes her living by baby-sitting.
    Natalia Samoilovna neither visits her son nor writes him letters. She has wiped him from her biography - it proved to be so easy. There is a convenient excuse - I have done all I could. And I continue to do it - I bring him up by my scorn - maybe he comes to his senses? No, Natalia Samoilovna is not a monster, perhaps she is anxious, she suffers and loves and continues to help people by friendly advice. For example: Darling, there are very good psychotherapists, they will help you to get rid of your childish problems. It is not necessary to kill anybody but to fill this world with Love - the most powerful force in the Universe! As regards to all villains, to Putochets and Co., they will get what they deserve, they will stake their butts themselves, dont worry, my baby! Even the most villainous villain would not be rectified by prison, you are a clever boy, you know it! He may be changed by love only! Believe me, I help them to do it! With love. Your mother.
    She sleeps with tranquilizers. She is afraid of time to pay for her dreams. She knows her maniac son with an axe never comes to her. She is afraid because she is wrong.
    Anna Petrenko

    45805 hryvnas
    In late 2002 eleven persons were arrested in Ukraine, in the cities of Nikolaev, Odessa and Kakhovka. The Ukrainians (Andrey Yakovenko, Alexander Gerasimov, Oleg Alekseev, Bogdan Zinchenko, Nina Polskaya, Sergey Berdugin) were either members of the Communist Party of Ukraine or of the LYCLU - the Ukrainian Youth Communist League. The Russians (Igor Danilov, Ilya Romanov, Alexander Smirnov) were different leftists. Arrested Eugene Semenov was a member of the Trans-Dniester Communist Party.
    The case has immediately got the character of political extremism and as soon as the detainees became famous enough it was well-known as the Odessa case No.144.
    The Odessites conducted active propaganda among the population - by distributing newspapers with simple and clear narration about delinquent policy of Kuchmas regime, by pasting anti-NATO leaflets at military bases, by contacts with young leftists in different parts of the country. The explosion near the SBU [the Security Service of Ukraine] office was a reply to the crackdown of the peaceful action Rise, Ukraine! in Kiev, to beating of common people most of whom had come to Kiev to this action not for orange chickenfeed but to express their protest by police, the special force Berkut [Golden Eagle] and security officers. The expropriations subsidized accumulation of arms and the secret structure as well as the legal work - the printed matter publication. At the same time not a shot has gone in anybodys personal locker, and all the lawyers and public at the trial have noticed the absence of the Interbrigade members valuable consideration.
    What has happened to the group after its arrest was followed by repercussions throughout critics and even some commoners much more than the information of its activities. It may be compared to documentaries about the Gestapo methods only.
    All the detainees were subjected to bloodcurdling torture according to direct order and with the direct participation of the SBU high ranks, especially Danilov, Alekseev, Berdugin and a minor girl Polskaya who were the first to be arrested in Nikolaev.
    Igor Danilov hanged on the rack had 7 of his ribs broken during the beating. A fragment of a rib has pierced his lung. Torture continued in the police department while the detention centre refused to take a potential die-hard. After all, Igor has survived without an operative treatment or drugs.
    Alekseev has become disabled after a suicide attempt - he could bear the torture but fell to pieces after the cops had tried to rape his girl-friend Nina Polskaya. He has signed all they had demanded and pierced his eye with a pen. He remained nearly blind.
    One of the investigators has clarified caustically and cynically to detained in Kakhovka Romanov the following: Your Berdugin is no more a male - we have beaten him everything off.
    The officers have beaten off Sergey Berdugins abdominal and inguinal regions. A cancer developed in his groin within half a year, his liver has dissolved alive to such an extent that it has strangulated the lung that resulted to pneumonia development. The prison doctors helped Sergey - they advised him to jerk off as a reply to his complaints on awful aches. Berdugins real condition has come to light only at the first session of the court - his associated carried him dying into the cage for defendants in their arms because he was already unable to walk by himself. He died in clear consciousness having succeeded to write a note: Mum, I am OK.
    Indeed, what did the security services accuse Berdugin of? They accused him of distributing unwanted for the authorities newspapers and anti-NATO leaflets. The severest conviction was the arson of the empty Honda which had been standing in a deserted place. Was a 20-year-old Komsomol member killed for this? No, not for anything but on some purpose. He was killed on purpose that puppet investigators could get necessary testimonies to a grand show trial over international terrorists having attempted at the putrid bourgeois power of the softhead dictator Kuchma that was being prepared (but failed from this point of view, by the way, too).
    Now, after Berdugins death one may tell anything he likes. One may tell that he has confessed after being tortured; that he has never denied his communist views; that he was swearing his guerilla oath having put his hand on a sawn-off shortgun barrel; that he demurred at arms use; that he was not a crypto by nature but a common student for most of others. But it proves only that neither adventurism nor a wish to threat somebody with a gun nor lonely boredom led Berdugin to the opposition ranks. He was a too decent and honest youth to live under the laws of the system of bourgeois values. Thats all.
    The burnt formidable auto belonged to Odessa businessmen the Kabanetses. Having debarked their boarish loins they were entertaining in an elite saloon nearby. However, at the trial Mr. Kabanets has got some doubts about the arson telling that he had been feeling the smell of burning wire in the car for a week before Nevertheless, Madame Kabanets wasnt so scrupulous - she has demanded from dead Sergey to compensate the material damage of 45805 hryvnas.
    Fleshy rich boars dont care that Berdugins compensation was his death. They dont care that Sergeys mother keeps silence about her sons death because the SBU has pointed her gently during the conversation that the loss of her son is not the whole story - she has got a daughter yet, Berdugins junior sister.
    All policemen, prison guards and security officers were promoted upstairs after the Komsomol members death as well as after the orange revolution in Ukraine. The Kabanetses continued their business and bought a new formidable car. The detainees on the Odessa case were sentenced to great terms of imprisonment.
    Larisa Romanova

    But the majority thinks so. Look around - elderly and young, bourgeois, workers and peasants think so. They think how to survive (for me! for me personally to survive!) carelessly, without hard problems while everything is being destroyed. Even the RAF has cancelled its activity after the Soviet Union had fallen. Thats all. Which agitation, which propaganda? Revolution will never come. An adult and rather clever person cannot misunderstand it. Thus, why do they continue to live in such way? Why do the degenerating authorities continue to put people into prison for a dozen of published newspapers, for expropriations, at last for killing a bastard drug-trafficker? Thats because if a person is deprived of the Motherland and the aim of this life the only thing left for him is a decent death. To live honestly the term destined for you as much as possible. Anything else doesnt matter.


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