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«For Will to Freedom!»
против  политических  репрессий
«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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 Newspaper in English  >  For Will to Freedom! #7 - 2006    Суббота, 23 марта 2019, 18:25 
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    Run, Olya, run!

    для печати  


    Putin, retire yourself! May, 4, 2005. The Spanish painter Angel Orensanz who had come to Moscow to organize his personal exhibition accompanied with a large amount of foreign journalists was presenting his installation made from variform ironworks covered with multicolored textile at the lawn near the Western hall of the “Russia” hotel facing the Kremlin. When the installation was ready the painter passed several metres away looking satisfied with his creation. Several minutes passed before he noticed that invited by him journalists’ cameras were directed at the opposite side: a boy and a girl appreared in two windows of the 11th floor and hung on safety lines. Having tied to each other by a hawser they hung a black wall banner reading “Putin, retire yourself!”, almost reaching the groung.
    The two at the wall attached the National-Bolshevik party (NBP) flag to the safety rope, burned up light-smoke candles and started to throw about leaflets shouting: “Putin, dive after ‘Kursk’ submarine!” The leaflets contained the NBP program for the case if Putin follows the advice and retires: the National-Bolsheviks promised to dismiss the State Duma, to appoint new elections, to abolish censorship at TV, to return privileges for disadvantaged groups and to liberate arrested NBP militants from prisons. The hotel street cleaners gathered the leaflets for some minutes, and the policeman guarding the entrance to “Russia” called for reinforcing by his portable radio set. In ten minutes people in police uniform began to scurry in the windows from which the National-Bolsheviks had climbed out. The policemen fulfilled their main task quickly: within a second a carefully cut by scissors piece of textile with three letters “Put” was dangling around the wind. Some minutes later only a letter “P” remained of the banner. The boy and the girl continued hanging on the frontage. They smoked, called to somebody by cell phones, sometimes shouted “Putin is a public enemy!” and smoked again. First a major, then a lieutenant colonel, then a grey colonel appealed to young people to climb back into the windows.
    In a half an our the NBP militant Nikolay Novokhatsky came to the hotel. He told the correspondents about the performers of the action. The National-Bolshevik Olga Kudrina had never went in for alpinism before, and her companion Evgeny Logovsky had been turning a penny by cleaning snow from roofs of high buildings. “I was training all the winter long, these skills proved to be useful now”. According to Novokhatsky, the National-Bolsheviks were going to hang on the frontage until Vladimir Putin retires or at least until National-Bolshevik inmates in prisons are free. “We chose the “Russia” hotel on purpose for Putin could see all the events from his window”, he added.
    In two hours a Ministry for Civil Defense Central Rescue squad car with four bleak people - alpinists appeared at the hotel entrance. The lifeguards entered the building silently and appeared in the windows of the 11th floor in some minutes. They didn’t hurry to start the operation - one could see from the ground one of the men speaking tenderly to the girl hanging on the wall. When it became clear that they wouldn’t succeed to persuade the National-Bolsheviks the lifeguard anchored the safety line and took a step from the window. The other alpinist climbed out from the second window and hang on near the youngster. First the lifeguards seized the bit of the banner from the National-Bolsheviks’ hands, then untied the binding rope and pulled both into the windows. The National-Bolsheviks did not resist.
    In the evening the capital prosecutor office initiated a criminal case against NBP militants Olga Kudrina and Evgeny Logovsky by the article 330 of the Criminal Code of RF “Arrogation” (it provides punishment of a fine of 100 to 200 minimum monthly wages or arrest for 3 to 6 months). But the authorities decided that punishment possible for these articles was inadequate to the capital crime committed.
    Olga Kudrina and Evgeny Logovsky were nailed on a charge by articles 213 part 2 (“Hooliganism”) and 167 part 2 (“Endamagement”) of the Criminal Code of RF. Kudrina was nailed on a charge by the same articles for her participation in the Ministry of Health seizure.
    Rather comic and sluggish judicial proceedings held in peaceful and non-threatening atmosphere finished unexpectedly.
    On May, 10, 2006 the judge of Tverskoy district court of Moscow Sergey Gennadievich Podoprigorov read off the sentence on the “alpinists’ case” in the absence of the defendants. Olga Kudrina was sentenced to 3,5 years of real imprisonment with service of her punishment in a general regime colony. Evgeny Logovsky was sentenced to 3 years conditionally with a trial period of 5 years.

    Беги Оля!
    Оля, беги!

    I find no sense in appearance in court which fulfils the authorities’ will obediently. Our action of May, 4, 2005 at the “Russia” hotel was a peaceful, non-violent political action. We wished the president Putin to retire himself. Haven’t we got such a right as citizens of Russia? Probably the president and his servants took an additional offence for the NBP for the recent action in Tomsk on April, 27, 2006 where the National-Bolsheviks demanded Putin’s retirement in the presence of German Chancellor Merkel and his own.
    I trust my lawyer who will lead my case to the European court. I perceive the sentence of Tverskoy court as an honourable reward for my deserts of my party and Russia.
    May, 11, 2006

    Oleg Kashin

    [ НАЗАД ]
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