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    A story of a betrayal


    Nikolay BaluevVyacheslav RusakovMay, 9, 2005. A report from the operation section of Novosibirsk regional FSS [Federal Security Service] administration to the regional FSS administration investigative department chief.
    ...A branch of the National-Bolshevik party acts at the territory of Novosibirk region. The total amount of militants is 30 persons. Representatives of this structure dont evict extremist, terrorist and other unlawful actions. 10 members of Novosibirsk branch of NBP were held criminally or administratively liable during 2003-2004. In April 2004 the Prosecutor office of Novosibirsk region made a warning to the chairman of Novosibirsk branch of NBP D.A.Kaznacheev and local party branch about non-admission of extremist activity. Therefore, NBP representatives tactics of action changed, so-called direct actions (seizure of government authorities buildings, etc.) began to be prepared more thoroughly and and secretly... An autonomous group composed of Baluev, Rusakov, Kazakov was formed...
    ...On May, 9, 2005 an artillery shell and explosived were found in a forestland, on the same day shells without fuzes and explosives - tritol, cyclonite were found in a half a kilometre from a military range zone. The total weight came out to be 425 g of tritol and 1 kg 822 g of cyclonite...
    ...The examination showed that Baluev, Rusakov and Kazakov had made hiders... Application of supplies of the hiders: for training explosions, then for terroristic acts including those against FSS administration buildings in Novosibirsk and Barnaul. Baluev, Rusakov and Kazakov motivated their plans by disagreement with state politics of the Government and the President of RF. Constitute themselves as NBP members...
    According to the information available Baluev and Rusakov hold a PM pistol, a small-bore rifle, a Mosins rifle, several units of smoothbore weapon, a training grenade converted into a ball one at their residence or at their relatives...

    Subcomandante Marcos. A holiday of resistance.
    ...Resistance is like a butterfly flying towards sea. There are such strange butterflies on the Earth: once in their life they start their flight into open sea. There are neither rocks nor islands nearby. There is no place for rest but the butterflies flight is stubborn and steady...

    A reference memorandum of Novosibirsk region FSS administration.
    ...N.N.Baluev. Secondary engineering education. Place of work: a stonemason, building office #9, work experience 10 years.
    V.A.Rusakov. Higher education. Place of work: a pension insurance programming officer.
    D.V.Kazakov. A third classman of Novosibirsk State Technology University.
    May, 9, 2005. A protocol of view of pace of occurence. Participants: an investigator, attesting witnesses, FSS authorized operatives, D.V.Kazakov.
    As Kazakov clarified while taking out explosives from hiders Vyacheslav Rusakov had taken those explosives from the range. According to Kazakovs statement Rusakov, Baluev and he had come there to bury the explosives...
    The expertise conclusions on question #3:
    There are no fingerprints suitable for identification at the given things...
    May, 11, 2005. An order for search at Baluevs, Rusakovs, Kazakovs residence. Photo tables of the taken-off presenting cans with unknown contents, brochures Railway war, NBP loose overall, etc.
    May, 12, 2005. Kazakovs interrogation.
    ...Baluev as a supporter of guerilla warfare and a fan of making war defended his views on making explosions at state offices because he didnt support state politics pursued by the President of RF. I listened to those discourses of Baluev and Rusakov but didnt support any ideas of explosions. As soon as I realized that having accumulated explosives Baluev and Rusakov settled down to a course of explosions I decided to withdraw from their business...
    May, 12, 2005. Rusakovs interrogation.
    ...I confess my guilt to the extent that I transported and stored explosives. But Id like to tell that Baluev didnt take part in it. Kazakov was telling during our meetings that political activity had no sense, that we were to earn money and to succeed in life. Kazakov told me it was possible to get several thousands roubles for 1 kg of tritol...
    May, 12, 2005. A protocol of Baluevs detainment. His autographic note: I disagree with the investigators opinion.
    May, 12, 2005. A resolution for choice of pre-trial restrictions as an undertaking not to leave.
    ...To put pre-trial restrictions on D.V.Kazakov as a written undertaking not to leave without permission and to behave properly...
    May, 13, 2005. A resolution for taking V.A.Rusakov and N.N.Baluev into custody.
    May, 19, 2005. Kazakovs interrogation.
    ...Baluev and Rusakov can revenge me for my confessionary statements. I am afraid for my live and health, I am afraid of application of force on me by Baluev and Rusakov. I ask the investigation to take these circumstances into consideration. I am willing to give confession further and to co-operate with the investigation. Since January 2005 I am a vice-chairman of the Committee for patriotic education of the Novosibirsk Youth parliament. I am an active supporter of the Nashi [Ours] movement. Acquisition of explosives, storing them in a hider, common discussions of explosions and objects for them were my extremely crack-headed actions. I got into this trouble because of my communication with Baluev and Rusakov. Baluev was permanently expressing his ideas of guerilla war supported by Rusakov...
    October, 6, 2005. Baluevs interrogation.
    ...I consider Kazakovs testimony a fantasy with a mercenary motive - to let the society see that Novosibirsk branch of NBP is frightening because now Kazakov is a head of the regional movement Nashi...
    June, 22, 2005. Rusakovs interrogation.
    ...Id like to underline that my activities with Kazakov were beside the point of NBP. Other NBP members didnt know about it...
    July, 1, 2005. Kazakovs interrogation.
    ...The three of us made a hider. We chose a place in the forest belt with a landmark of three birches. Baluev dug a hole, put a shell weighing approximately 10 kg to the bottom, above we put a metal box with explosives in glass cans. Baluev covered everything with sod, Rusakov and I covered the place of hider with foliage. I can affirm my testimony at confronment with Baluev and Rusakov because my testimony is true. But Baluev and Rusakov dont confess. Baluev can lie at interrogations, he told Rusakov and me repeatedly that if arrested and interrogated he would keep to his line - that is keep silence...

    Subcomandante Marcos. A holiday of resistance.
    ...No, neither butterfly nor resistance are mad or suicidal. They know they will find where to land, they know there is an undiscovered island somewhere onwards - exhausted and deceased comrades had taken care of their rest before...

    July, 7, 2005. A confrontment between Baluev and Kazakov.
    ...Kazakov: After we had made a hider we started talking about use of explosives. Baluev and Rusakov declared for explosions of different government buildings, the Novosibirsk FSS administration in particular...
    ...Baluev: I dont affirm Kazakovs testimony...
    July, 7, 2005. A confrontment between Rusakov and Kazakov.
    ...Rusakov: I dont affirm Kazakovs testimony to the extent of explosions. Baluev had never expressed ideas of exploding government buildings in my presence...
    June, 3, 2005. A witness Maletinas interrogation (had withdrawn from NBP - editorial comment).
    ...I think Baluev, Rusakov and Kazakov had following relations among themselves. Baluev was an ideological encourager by ideas of revolution, of guerilla war, ideas of Limonov whom Baluev respects very much. Rusakov chuckled at it but was inclined by ideas of Chechen war. I think Baluev and Rusakov attracted Kazakov to their ideas by NBP membreship. Kazakov was scampering among them and helping, thats why Rusakov gave him a nickname Sharik [Cur, a popular dogs name].
    August, 25, 2005. A confrontment between Baluev and Maletina.
    ...Maletina: I have a question to accused Baluev - what he regrets about most of all - that he joined NBP and engaged in terrorist activity or that he didnt manage to implement his plans for which he had acquired arms?
    ...Baluev: NBP deals with legal political activity. I consider my getting to prison a regularity...
    ...Baluevs questions to the witness about known facts of her co-operation are taken off by the investigator as lying beside the point of the confrontment...
    August, 26, 2005. Baluevs statement during his interrogation.
    ...On Tuesday I was transfered to another cell without any reason where I was threaten to be beaten. On the same day I was called to a FSS operative officer, he introduced himself as Yury Gennadievich (editorial comment: it was Yu.G.Lisitsin - the supervisor of all the cases on so-called youth extremismfrom the investigative service of Moscow FSS administration). The operative demanded that I should write an acknowledgement of my guilt, in the other case he promised to encourage violence on me in the detention facility...
    October, 20, 2005. The final indictment. Rusakovs clarification.
    ...We considered we Russians had to learn fighting for intependence, for a strong independent state from Chechens. The situation in the state did not suit us. Thats why each of us once joined the National-Bolshevik Party...
    October, 21, 2005. The final indictment. Baluevs clarification.
    ...I dont confess my guilt in manufacturing improvised explosive devices and preparations for acts of terrorism, I refuse to testify according to article 51 of the Constitution...

    Subcomandante Marcos. A holiday of resistance.
    ...This story would be nothing but a curious article from a scientific book on biology if great hurricanes did not evolve from butterflies wings beating. The flying resistance, that is a butterfly, says No by its flight. No to logic. No to carefulness. No to inertness. No to conformism...

    Traitors will not leave from a bullet!Papers of investigative work. A printed list of CD-R record of two mens conversation: D.V.Kazakov (DK) and an operative officer (OO).
    The record was made on May, 9, 2005.
    ...OO: Can we go and dig everything up today?
    DK: Absolutely.
    OO: Well take everything regularly, according to the law. And our relations are aour relations, nobody will know about them. You raised a question on money yesterday. Once more, how much and when?
    DK: Today, after taking-off.
    OO: Well, it is necessary to ensure that everything is there first. Dont you exempt that, let us say, Baluev and Rusakov a week after they dug all that together with you came, dug it out and left?
    DK: It is unlikely.
    OP: After all, the possibility of exploding the FSS building or, for example, a monument - is it an instruction of Limonovs central or regional office?
    DK: No, it is a free work. The funding is spent on legal activity in NBP. All illegal activities are left on private discretion.
    ...DK: I was stucturing the organization work in the Novosibirsk branch of NBP, I was screening its activity and step by step I began plotting against Kaznacheev.
    OO: Certainly, you look much more preferable, clever and educated compared to Kaznacheev.
    DK: I am not interested in being rank-and-file... Such people as me dont disappear, they simply flood from one organization to another.
    OO: Dima, I dont say goodbye to you, in fact, in an hour, a call before. I was glad to see you...
    October, 17, 2005. The resolution on termination of prosecution.
    ...Besides the acknowledgement of his guilt, the voluntary surrender of targets of crime and their storage areas, the timely report about preparations to acts of terrorism and preventing performance of them, Kazakov contributed to solution of the crime all through the investigation. To terminate the criminal prosecution of accused D.V.Kazakov. To annul the pre-trial restrictions of the written undertaking not to leave...
    Nikolay Baluev and Vyacheslav Rusakov are charged on following articles of the Criminal Code of RF: 205 part 2, 30 part 1 (preparations to performing acts of terrorism); 222 part 2 (illegal trafficking of arms and explosives), 223 part 2 (manufacturing of explosives); a group by previous concert. The investigation was over in November 2005. The judicial proceedings will be held in this year.

    Subcomandante Marcos. A holiday of resistance.
    ...Nothing, absolutely nothing on the Earth can be more beautiful that the very possibility to see the valour of this flight, to understand the challenge launched against them. To feel the power of wind caused by wings beating and to see not leaves on trees but legs of establishment who were artlessly sure before that butterflies were flying to the sea to die - to see them trembling under this sky. Moreover, my dear comrade, it is known that butterflies are contagious as well as resistance...

    Nikolay Nikolaevich Baluev
    Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Rusakov
    SIZO-1 (Detention facility #1), Karavaeva str., 1, Novosibirsk, 630010, Russia

    Larisa Romanova

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