в  защиту  политзаключенных
«For Will to Freedom!»
против  политических  репрессий
«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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    I Am a National Democrat

    для печати  

    On November, 3, 2007 the journalist Alexander Chervyakov was released for a written undertaking not to leave after half a year confinement in the detention centre. He joined actively political defense, co-operates closely with the “For Freedom” group. His interview is brought to your notice.

    Александр Червяков

    What is your meaning of the notion “political prisoner”?
    A political prisoner is a person confined in a prison (a colony) for his/her activities on changing political and social order. For implementing his/her legal right for participation in the management of the country. In genuine democratic countries this right is acknowledged for all citizens, so there are no political prisoners there. As soon as people’s right for power is neither denied nor suppressed.
    In prisons of demo-fascist Russia the opposition representatives considered dangerous by criminal authorities are being slowly murdered.

    What do you consider the instigating factor for initiation of the criminal case against you?
    Half a year after my criminal case initiation and confinement in the “Russian democratic” prison I can surely affirm such factor was lack of activity in defending freedom of speech and press not only by our people but by majority of politicians.
    My arrest wouldn’t have occurred if all the politically engaged citizens of Russia of all nationalities and political directions had made a stand for the NTV and TV-6 channels suppressed for their excessive (from the authorities’ point of view) freedom of speech. It wouldn’t have occurred if all political forces of Russia struggled against any political repression, notwithstanding which direction representatives were subjected to it.
    The only reason is demo-fascist authorities’ wish and aspiration to strangle step by step the freedom of speech and press in Russia at all. To commit any crimes without a risk of publicity. Apprehending the coming (within 10 years) overthrowing of their regime the authorities try to delay their end by enforcing repression against opposition. But it would only aggravate their responsibility for crimes against peoples of Russia.
    But those who don’t fight against political repressions, against prosecution for freedom of thought and speech, those who consider repression against people of other (opposite) opinions good and don’t interfere therefore, they simply get in line to a prison cell.
    It is necessary to realize that everybody possesses only what he/she struggles for and asserts in violent struggle.
    But as long as our politicians don’t struggle for freedom of speech and inadmissibility of political repression for everybody, naturally, in this case politicians of all opposition directions lose both freedom of speech and freedom of body (i.e. freedom of action and freedom of travel in particular).
    This “instigating factor” would come to everybody. It would most likely come at night, shod with boots, with a pistol gun and a decision for a search and an arrest. Let everybody choose! Either act now or wait for visitors tomorrow or even tonight.

    At what stage is the proceeding now?
    It is at the stage of fabrication of knowingly false, sophisticated evidence of commitment of the crime which I haven’t even ever intended to commit. Of all deeds I have definitely never fomented nor intended to foment any hatred or hostility among peoples and races (a quote from their indictment). My views had been formed even before the Perestroika.
    By the kind of my work at enterprises of State Supply Committee of the USSR I had to travel a lot over the country, to communicate with workers of many enterprises. Everywhere I was amazed by luxury of life of communist administration and by misery of life of majority of rank-file workers and employees of the Soviet socialist country. I began to seek for answer, among all, from the founders of “communism-socialism”. I have found out that the order established in the USSR was completely outside the framework of socialism of Marx, Bakunin and Plekhanov. I have found out that the “communist” party had established the fascist dictatorship of bureaucrats’ party and the state capitalism in the USSR.
    As a person with self-esteem I began my struggle for establishment of a fair order at my native land. For people’s socialism at which working people’s power is implemented by power of Soviets, of people’s representatives, the state planned economy is the basis of economics, the people possesses all the freedoms, both political and economic ones.
    I was first arrested by the CSS for this struggle in November 1985 and later in April 1988, further, in early 1990es, I was arrested for many times by democratic police (for days, in democratic temporary detention facilities). For holding protest meetings, for distributing leaflets, newspapers and other literature criticizing anti-people’s activities of the very communist bureaucrats and their descendants having changed their skins to democratic.
    In the 1980es my views were called anarchist. Well, I didn’t object - let me be an anarchist, why not?
    In the 1990es I got an eyeful of the so-called “democracy” imposed upon Great Russians and other peoples by the CPSU members having changed their skins. Thereby, the Great Russians composing 80 per cent of Russian population and having created Russia appeared to be the most oppressed and discriminated people in democratic Russia. In the late 1990es I began to stand against robbing and oppressing Great Russian people and other working people in Russia in my newspapers and magazines. Therefore I, a people’s power supporter, began to be called a nationalist. Well! Let me be a nationalist.
    That’s why I am prosecuted now by the demo-fascist, anti-Russian regime.

    When do you expect the trial to take place and what would it result to?
    I think the trial will take place in the beginning of 2008. I’ll try to turn this proceeding into a political tribune for revelation of the demo-fascist regime’s criminal character. So I think I will be sentenced to 3-4 years imprisonment in spite of absence of evidence of my “crimes” - fomentation.

    How is it possible to counteract the political repression now?
    Only by enforcing and widening opposition ideological enlightening work and, thereby, by growth of patriotic opposition supporters number to untouchable magnitude unattainable for political repression. It is the way the Christians had won as well as the Bolsheviks. There is no other real and merely victorious way. This one is the only. This is my appeal to everybody. I appeal not to be afraid of stagnating and historically incurable regime and to continue the work on bringing the truth to people’s conscience. Each political prisoner, each fact of repression should be turned into ideological weapon for revelation of the criminal regime of dictatorship. Into the weapon and means for awakening to struggle of thousands and millions of new fighters who would replace those torn out fr0m the struggle by political repression. Then the victory will be ours anyway.

    Alexander Chervyakov
    (interviewed by A.Petrenko and R.Latypov)

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