в  защиту  политзаключенных
«For Will to Freedom!»
против  политических  репрессий
«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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 Newspaper in English  >  For Will to Freedom! #15 - 2008    Суббота, 27 февраля 2021, 04:51 
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    He Who Was Born As a Cop

    для печати  

    He Who Was Born As a Cop Cops have filled our streets, undergrounds and squares, TV screens and radio stations, have replaced grabbers’ and thieves’ front organizations by themselves. In fact they represent their own society already - puppets bluntly performing any inhuman outrages. They don’t depend for a long time already neither on society will nor on people’s will expression. Among grey uniform jackets, like in city rat band, those survive who are more lubricous, predatory and fat. A cop’s life gives him a special sadistic pleasure to whack non-cops, let his chiefs find out why.
    On July, 8, 2001 two unremarkable Petersburg students have drunk rather much because of a birthday. Although nights are twilight in Petersburg at summers, at that night they were so jake-legged that couldn’t reach their hostel. An owner-driver approached to the guys, took cash in advance and threw both of them out from the car at once. The front organization for such business was the 51st district police department.
    At the very night the “front” was the cop Nikolev. Nobody would ever learn what Nikolev reminded in the small hours. As judged by his numerous but not always lucky communication to journalistic fraternity his warmest reminiscence was about whacking of gangsters as well as their wenches and children in Chechnya where he had served in the OMON [special police troops]. Most likely, he did not remind the Second Chechen war in the small hours as he had collected a little money. And he considered two drunken young rockheads had more.
    But to his deepest indignation Machikhin and Shumilin (the students’ names) decided to ignore the “Uncle Stepa” and started running away from Nikolev.
    Then Nikolev shot them both at their backs. He approached Machikhin, turned him around at shot at his genitals.
    Fellow cops arrived. They replaced Nikolev, drew up reports on necessity of additional ammunition delivery, on murder of hooligans at offering resistance, and called upon doctors. But a tough luck happened for cops. Shumilin and Machikhin survived, the ambulance took them to emergency care.
    The 51st department rose up unusually quickly, like by alarm. Permanently interchanging police convoy was arranged in the hospital - in its corridors, near the emergency room doors. The cops hand-cuffed the shot men to their beds. Till now the doctors of this ward remember mad with pain cries of the wounded. Both students had their spines shot through, Machikhin’s scrotum and rump were shot through, too, and Shumilin’s throat. Sometimes both of them recovered conscience. The cops didn’t let the mothers to their dying sons, they forcibly hindered doctors from using medicine. Artificial equipment was sustaining Shumilin’s and Machikhin’s lives.
    Vitaly Shumilin died in 9 days. But Machikhin who grasped to pretend unconscious even when he recovered conscience heard the cops speaking above him: “We might shoot him to death. - This one is passing away, too, don’t spot”.
    But Dmitry Machikhin was alive nevertheless. Then the district investigative department initiated a criminal case against him. Machikhin who was still alive, like in despite pf Nikolev and the 51st police department, was detached off from respiratory equipment tubing, loaded to prison car and directed to prison hospital. But even there, without care and medicine (the “telephone justice” from cops to Federal Penitentiary Service worked) Machikhin survived.
    Bullets ploughed at him were assigned as used at attempt of… escapade from the temporary detention facility. And Machikhin, an unremarkable boy from Vorkuta who had entered a Petersburg high school was assigned an organized criminal group member in the fudged in hurry case.
    After Vitaly Shumilin’s death his mother had nothing to lose. She arranged a scandal, appealed to deputies and journalists. Then, after requests from public institutions of different kinds, the prosecutor office launched an examination of shooting at Moscow railway station. More than half a year later, a criminal case was, after all, initiated against Nikolev.
    Bullets from the shot bodies were extracted by doctors at freedom. So, it was uneasy for investigators to fabricate their amount and location. The bullets told the fellows had not attacked the cop but had run away from him.
    Machikhin was released. He became a disabled person who would never be able to walk and would never have a family. His mother drove him home, to Vorkuta, and refused to take part in lawsuits with cops.
    But the trial, rather a mockery of a trial, lasted for six years long. Amusing as it is but Nikolev was not charged of murder or other crimes against person. Abuse of office was the only charge to reach the court. The sentence was delivered and cancelled ever and again but all that time the maniac cop lived at freedom - for written undertaking not to leave - and even worked in his native 51st department as a driver. By the way, Nikolev is a “maniac” not for a melodramatic statement - he had been registered in the psychoneurologic dispensary, he had repeatedly been in a mental hospital. However, psychiatric doctors found him sane.
    The national Themis would have draw out this case having started to be forgotten by press to the length of expiry of limitation period of the last remaining charge against Nikolev if there have not been Dissenters Marches in 2007. Then, especially in Petersburg, cops and OMON kicked with legs and “democratizing” cudgels “dissenting” from the cops’ power citizens: teenagers, women and common Petersburg inhabitants.
    Then, liberals entered the scene again, called upon mass media and arranged a press conference. Yowling hysterically that there was no “civic society” in Russia they reminded at right time of the cop Nikolev who had not been sentenced yet. Nikolev’s case was spoken about again.
    On October, 4, 2007 Aleksey Nikolev was, after all, sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment and deprived of the right for return to his favourite sadistic work for 3 years. Nikolev was very disappointed - probably because he had got off with nothing more than a fright. When being taken into custody he succeeded to break the “Vesti” [“News”] TV video camera, to cut the guards with a knife - attendants from the nearest psychiatric hospital had to arrive to take him to detention facility.
    After reading of the sentence to the maniac cop a well-known journalist Ekaterina Kolesova who had played a great role in Nikolev’s case investigation tried to interview various Petersburg chiefs - the Internal Security Directorate chief Andreev, the notorious 51st department chief Belozerov and others. They declared to her impudently that in their cops’ society Nikolev was famous as a hero who had suffered for “their” case.
    Nikolev would surely be conditionally released. He may get down to his work practically immediately. The year 2011 is not so far off. Let us bend our backs??

    Larisa Romanova

    [ НАЗАД ]
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