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    The Year of Child, the Year of Family


    Children. Business. Nothing Private
    While our government speaks one should listen to it. Should listen and make a mental note. Our governments speeches are very valuable and informative if understood correctly, i.e. quite in the opposite way, like warning notes at besieged city walls: This street side is the most dangerous one at artillery bombardment! The government broadcasts of love to Motherland - so Russia is being turned into an international radioactive junkyard. The government asserts defense of Russians - so Putins Labour Code rebounds labour law for a century and a half back. The government chatters about the Victory Day - so veterans are not allowed to the Red Square. The government affirms it takes care of the future - so the education system destruction goes forward. But now they say they have come upon defense of family and children.

    The Year of Child, the Year of Family

    Relevant Watch and Care
    On January, 20, 2006 14-years old Dima Vasenin (Tyumen) was taken away. The tutorship authorities considered his mother, having become a hardly disabled person after a cerebral attack, and his elder brother, having no permanent job, unable to provide him relevant watch and care.
    Vasenin was guarded by police officers to the Charity shelter. From Charity he was directed to the Horizon boarding school. By tutors opinion watch and care was at high level at Horizon.

    Children are provided there:
    Five healthy meals daily - mostly, potatoes and barley.
    Healthy labour at the nearest petrol station. Children get a little money and some gasoline to breathe.
    Healthy rest - all the community is obligatory treated with relevant medicine due to which children sleep 15 hours a day.
    Support of warm and friendly collective. Necessary for tutors order in the colony (sorry, in the orphanage) is maintained by a group of responsible youth. Militants of this young guard live in the Horizon until age of 23. Unlike others, they receive decent food, medicine, clothes and even material support. In exchange they work at the field of providing discipline and obedience sparing neither their efforts nor hands, feet nor any relevant for pedagogic use things they can lay their hands on.
    It is clear how children become strong and healthy of such happy life. Majority of the Horizon inhabitants have disbacteriosis and vitamin deficiency, serious kidney diseases, all of them (!) have some pulmonary problems.
    However, children are being cured, the main reason of all life disorders is cured - the misbehaviour. It means those who are not properly affected by orphanage doses of medicine and blows of young guardians are directed once, twice, three times to the local psychiatric ward Vinzili.
    At Vinzili children are headed for strictly timed day. They get up at 6 a.m., do morning exercises, have their breakfast (barley, as well as for dinner or supper, however). Talking at meals is punished by deprivation of food.
    The contingent spends time free from eating, sleeping or walking (30 min) in the playing-room. It is permitted to sit on the floor and keep silence. For talking or unsanctioned getting up those guilty are punished.
    However, sometimes ward attendants have mercy on their pupils and arrange some entertainment for them and, first of all, for themselves.
    That is.
    Bathing. The contingent is enranked and accompanied in trail to the lavatory. An attendant takes a child by his feet and drops his head to the lavatory pan. Somebody else blows down. Everyone is delighted.
    Game of tags. An attendant flies into the playing-room and starts kicking everybody without distinction. Kicks and bonks are not a punishment but a style of communication.

    Punishments are something different. That is:
    An elk. A child stands on his knees and brings both hands to his forehead, palms outwards. An attendant kicks the elks forehead with his leg.
    Breaking through a ply-wood.
    Sychevs position.
    Kicking by an open fist to skull base. The procedure is repeated 5-7 times until mild loss of conscience.
    Aminazin. Tablets or 2 ml intramuscularly. Injections are very painful.
    Isolation ward. Used in complex with other forms of punishment. Usual term of confinement in the isolation ward is a week.
    Deprivation of walks.
    Deprivation of food.
    Fixation. A malicious violator is first being beaten by attendants, then, after an Aminazin injection, fixed to a bunk by elastic bondage. Aminazin course with fixation may last for a week. For an escapade all forms of punishment are assigned, besides, in-patient confinement is prolonged for two months more.
    Stealing of parcels by attendants and nurses is not a punishment, it is ordinary as well as kicks.
    The contingent is 6+ years old.
    Dimas and some of his fellow sufferers story had a rather happy end - they managed to escape and to get assistance from Tyumen human rights activists. Others had less luck

    Guarding a Childs Interests
    At present time Marina Aleksandrovna Volkovas case is being examined by the 59th section of the Yasenevo district magistrate court. Marina Aleksandrovna faces imprisonment in jail for having subjected her daughter to abusive treatment. Her daughter Kalerias case is being examined at the same place. She faces imprisonment in an orphanage for having been subjected to this treatment. The issue is that Marina Aleksandrovna (at that time pregnant with her 3rd child) pushed her grizzling daughter, so Kaleria fell down and scratched her forehead.
    Brilliant green at the girls forehead was noticed at school, and the Commission on Juvenile affairs was notified at once.

    Maybe it was correct to notify it, the both defendants lawyer Mikhail Trepashkin says. - But which consequences did it cause? Well, a file should be kept on the mother in order to prevent such abuse in future, to work with her by psychological techniques. But what did they do? A criminal case is initiated against the mother and she faces imprisonment - but her time is soon to deliver a baby! The girl is taken away and assigned to an orphanage directly from school. Parents are not informed where their daughter has disappeared. Neither her criminal mother nor her father (never sighted of any vice deeds neither towards his daughter nor at all) were informed of nothing.
    The girl was lucky to be drawn from the orphanage rather quickly but nevertheless she got an immense psychological trauma (it is not difficult to understand from the written above why). Earlier Kaleria went in for dancing, now she visits a psychologist.

    At trial, when the judge ordered: Let the mother keep off, the child should be questioned without her parents Kaleria who is now always afraid of being taken-off to the orphanage again went off into hysterics.
    The trial goes on. The commissions opinion of mother to jail, daughter to an orphanage remains unchangeable.

    Assigned As a Culprit
    Antonina Fedorova from Novgorod got married being knocked up, but could not get along with her husband, so she had a divorce. Later she began to live together with Kirill Martynov. Besides, Antoninas child of her first marriage Alice could read and write a little at the age of three years. It is unlike an unloved and deserted child, isnt it? Antonina narrated: There were life plans to live a long and happy life, to go to the sea for vacations, to send my daughter to kindergarten and to art studio, for me - to enter the Moscow State University.

    But on February, 26, 2007 Antonina has got into trouble. Alice got into the corridor, climbed through the gap amidst banisters bars and fell down the stair well from the 3rd floor height just before the eyes of her mother who tried to catch her but was too late.
    Alice has got brain concussion, fracture of denture, various hurts. She left by ambulance together with her mother, she took medicine at a hospital for three days and later at home.
    Then Alice recovered, her parents thought the trouble had passed but

    But trouble comes in threes, especially if people from appropriate authorities help it The Counsellor of Justice Vladimir Kolodkin took an interest in what had happened a month later, by Kirill and Antonina Martynovs opinion, after the law-enforcement authorities had got an allotment for organizing cases for children rights defense.
    A ground for charging Antonina Fedorova of an attempt to murder her own daughter was the testimony of a neighbour child, Egor Kudrov (11 years old) who stated he had seen the elder girl pushing the junior one.
    It is up to everybody to think if this testimony is trustworthy. Id like no note only that the child was mistaken in determination of the participants, he called an adult person Antonina a girl, so he might have been mistaken in his estimation of the events, he might take an attempt to catch for an attempt to push.
    Except for the boys testimony the criminal case bases on arguments force of which is, frankly speaking, shocking:

    First, it is motive.
    The investigator considered Antonina had tried to murder her daughter because she was an obstacle to arrange her private live by her existence.
    By the way, purposeful murders of 2-3-years old children by mothers (of course, by mentally fit and non-alcoholic mothers) on social motives are at least extremely rare and, most likely, impossible at all. Murders of newborns occur sometimes, unfortunately, there are such mummies, but not such a case Those who do not believe the authors words can be convinced it is true by looking through Ministry of Interior revises published regularly on web.
    Second, it is method of murder. Besides, lethal outcome is not the most probable result of falling down from the 3rd floor. Of course, the child could fall to his death but could get off with several traumas (as it happened indeed), finally, she could become a disabled person. Or, on the investigators mind, in case of failure the mother would have imitated the childs falling once a week, until the result?
    Third, it is performing. By Kolodkins version, based on the minor witnesss testimony, Antonina moved the girl through the banisters bars, at the same time, by the same investigation version, the child could not scramble through the gap of such width herself. Can you imagine the gap too narrow for a child to climb through it herself, but the genetrix pushed the child against her will through this gap. Not threw over the banisters but pushed through a narrow gap! However, if she tried to make an execution the whole block inhabitants would have come running to the girls shouts and screams!
    Additionally, there was a conclusion by psychologist provided by the investigation that children dont climb through banisters themselves (no commnts).

    Antonina was confined in the detention centre.
    In 18 days her lawyer managed to attain her release on parole.
    Tonya, a woman of delicate constitution even before, left the detention centre with hard exacerbation of chest cold, heart aches, dystonia, anemia and short weight (she thinned down to 36 kg).
    Finally the proceedings began.
    Naturally, the trial was closed for public, very like a whale with such evidentiary!
    The prosecutor Komarova grounded necessity of secret trial with Kudrovs and Alices interests. Just so, indeed. Jedwood justice in camera over the mother conforms to her daughters interests.
    Well, respectively, having closed the trial and enjoying the complete freedom of itching palms and viperous forked tongues the prosecution did what it wanted. The defense, on contrary, was allowed nothing.
    It was not allowed to present testimonies characterizing Fedorovas personality and relations between the mother and her daughter, to attach the family photos before the accident and the conclusion of psychological expertise made by the defenses intercession to the case, to interrogate witnesses, particularly, the Ambulance doctors and doctors who had watched Antonina and her child at the hospital. The intercession for Antoninas polygraph expertise was rejected.
    As a result the verdict of well-prepared jury read: Guilty and does not deserve leniency!
    Antonina did not come to the sentence reading. She escaped having taken with her the same daughter who had been a burden for her by the investigations version.

    By Rules of Purulent Surgery
    These are only three cases. Only three of plenty. Only in 2006 in Moscow 1882 persons were deprived of parental rights and 2005 persons in year 2007. Most commonly taking-off children happens untroubled, people from socially disadvantaged, or, rather, socially low-valued for current regime families usually cannot assert their rights.
    But the question is what is the reason for this brutality?
    Isnt it evident that it is impossible to cast a small childs mother into prison after a testimony of the single minor witness having not distinguished the accident properly?
    Isnt it clear that the daughter would be better with her mother, even having pushed her once, than in an orphanage where similar and even worse procedures would be done to her permanently? Isnt it clear that the sick mothers and elder brothers non-relevant watch affect a teenagers health less than barley diet, tying, aminazin and the elk?
    Of course, it is evident, and both tutorship officials and policemen, as professionals, understand it better than you and me but
    But taken-off and confined in orphanages children mean funds allocated by the state to feed each of them, moreover, to feed with nowhere near barley. It is a possibility to make business on child adoption. Moreover, it is housing. On one hand, orphanage school leavers are applicants for municipal housing, on the other hand, they may be put through some kind of Vinzili a couple of times and found legally incapable. It is a tasty business, isnt it?
    Moreover, it is extra service stars for running a necessary case fitting in the right place at the very right time of a new state campaign Somebodys destinies cut by gear-wheels are nothing compared to it. Much the more, in most cases the question refers to, let me emphasize, destinies of socially non-significant citizens.
    In general, the result of the nation of management elites effective policy is evident. The state structures degradation is so large that any, even the best intentions, for example, struggle for childrens rights, automatically turn into absolutely inexpressible ugliness.
    No human rights initiatives can help here. Well, to be more precise, they can help in a single case - the system may backtrack from a single, too troublesome, victim, but only if there is another target nearby, a quieter one. What do you want, guys? It is business! Nothing personal - but a simple gangrene of the society. As is well known, gangrene is never cured by applying a paper adhesive even if any sacred words are written on it, for example, the Lords Prayer or the Human Rights Declaration
    Gangrene is cured only by rules of surgery. By rules of purulent surgery!

    Alexander Zimbovsky

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