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«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
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«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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    Khimki. A usual robbery

    для печати  

    Such people are disliked here
    Impertinent social activists are disliked in Khimki. Khimki law-enforcement authorities regularly detained Artem Buslaev (RCYL(B)) for 15 days. They initiated a criminal case against Volodar Koganitsky (VRY). Their colleagues, law-enforcement officers in private clothes, put fire from outside to the flat door of Ludmila Ivanovna Selina (Initiative group for defense of Khimki forest).
    Journalists who write about what is not to be written about are disliked in Khimki, too.

    Mikhail Beketov

    There is no need to excite the calm, to rock the boat, to raise feverish agiotage. There is no need to tell the people that the Khimki administration has organized an act of desecration of the war memorial just at the same time with their Estonian colleagues. A need appeared to clear a space for building of a roadside shopping centre - an excavator was driven on and the Moscow Battle heroes’ tombs were dug up. To avoid panic feelings, there is no need to notice the skyscrapers curtain wall being built in Skhodnya (Khimki suburb) just umder the Sheremetyevo-2 airport glideslope (at the Soviet era it was forbidden to build more than 3-5-storey houses at this place). Well, there is of course no need, by competent persons’ opinion, to attract attention to details of the high-speed line Moscow-Petersburg project. There is no need neither for Khimki inhabitants nor for Moscovites to know that 3 km would be allocated for road infrastructure at both sides of the main line crossing the Khimki forest (which composes, among all, a significant part of Moscow forest shelter-belts). In fact, there will be no forest afterwards.
    Those who write needless are warned first. They are warned politely, then less politely. Thus, anonymous law-enforcement officers attacked the independent newspaper “Civil Accord” editor Anatoly Yurov and inflicted him 11 knife wounds. The “Civil Forum” editor Granin and the executive secretary of the same edition have received craniocerebral injuries.
    Mikhail Beketov, the editor and owner of the “Khimki Truth” was warned, too. First - “politely”: his newspaper issue was taken-off from the printing house; his car was blown up; a criminal case was initiated against Mikhail on the article “Slander”; his dog was beaten to death by baseball fungos. Later, after certain persons had realized their warnings had not been taken into consideration, the “politeness reservoir” was over.

    I ask to accuse of my death…
    In the early November 2008 Mikhail Beketov has called all his friends and informed: “I was warned a criminal meeting had taken place with participation of Valov (the Khimki administration Deputy Head) and I had been ordered to be cracked down!” On November, 13 Mikhail was found near his own house doorstep.
    He was delivered to the Khimki city hospital No.1 emergency care room, later transferred to the Sklifosovsky Research Institute. Both because of injuries gravity (a depressed fracture of the cranial vault bones, multiple ribs fractures, a shank fracture, hands fractures, multiple body haematomas) and because unknown persons had called to the Khimki hospital emergency care unit and promised to finish him off.
    Beketov has undergone a complicated operation for cranium fragments extraction from the brain tissue, ablation of three hand fingers and a part of his left leg. He emerged from coma on November, 27 only. He cannot speak until now. Until now he remains the severest patient of the Sklifosovsky Institute. If Beketov survives, he survives not of the attackers’ good will, surely. The doctors who examined Mikhail directly after his reception estimated his injuries as fatal.
    The investigation goes on. The Khimki Internal Affairs Department officers did not take efforts to question Beketov’s neighbours, did not take readings of video cameras located at neighbouring houses gates, did not check communicants from whom Beketov had received threats on the eve of the attack through mobile operators’ databases - but they succeeded to make public statements that “domestic” version of the attack - a usual robbery - was not impossible.
    However, there were strange robbers. They haven’t neither touched money or values, nor taken the cell phone, nor entered the house, nor stolen the car. Probably they might not. After all, they are officials, they know the order. To be short, a usual robbery. A usual state robbery.

    Alexander Zimbovsky

    [ НАЗАД ]
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