в  защиту  политзаключенных
«For Will to Freedom!»
против  политических  репрессий
«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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 Newspaper in English  >  For Will to Freedom! #17 - 2009    Суббота, 27 февраля 2021, 05:28 
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    Tesak - Martsinkevich Responsibility and indifference, love to your people and fomentation of national enmity, Shakespeare and skinheads, that’s what I would like to speak about. It seems there is nothing in common with these notions! However, I am sure it is wrong. As Shakespeare said, virtue and vice - there is nothing of this kind. There exists only how we had decided to call them ourselves”. The matter is these notions are prone to interchange regularly. And to do it so quickly that you cannot succeed to monitor. Let’s take indifference for example. What is it? Is it virtue? All of us are being taught from our childhood it is not. They say, indifference is the reason for all human trouble. That’s why children die of starvation in Africa and Amur tigers and Astrakhan sturgeon die off! That’s why nobody responds to cry of a girl being raped and that’s why a man fallen down in metro with a heart attack can’t expect for help even in an overcrowded carriage. It seems to be so but let us look what there is in practice. In judicial for example. I was sentenced to imprisonment for a stage clip where Ku Clux Klan members were hanging a Tadjik drug dealer. But why? Because I was the only one of all interrogated during the investigation who confessed that disliked drug dealers in the whole and Tadjik ones among others.
    You might have seen Mssrs journalists’ speeches! While testifying, this public that forms by mass media our mind, was notably nervous. Sure! It were they thank to whom “anti-moral, indignant and misanthropic image” was shown on three federal channels in Russia only! Besides, it was rather difficult for me to make this film without relevant accessories, without professional operators with cameras and sound engineers! The only reason why nobody of this close brotherhood of editors, producers and correspondents turned out to be in the same cage with me or at the “guardless” bench with Artem - was their complete indifference! Do you feel any disfavour against drug dealers? No, of course not, Your Honour! So, what for did you make such a film? It was my job! Did you see hanging of a man staged there? Yes, but first I was very much surprised because I guessed it was real! So, don’t you care what you record? Your Honour, it is my job! Moreover, later I understood it was not real… As an editor, did you take the decision to let the execution video on the air? Well, huh, there were comments it was malice… Well, if it is malice - why to show it? But, huh, we have intellectual audience, we want to inform it that there are such organized people, it is necessary to do something to them… If the audience watches it and realizes, and understands better what is good and what is malice, Your Honour! Have I understood you correctly - that you show Lynch to make people more kind-hearted? Well, huh, yes, Your Honour!
    They are ashamed to confess but they understand clearly that nobody can be made more kind-hearted by demonstrating a “drug-dealer” hanging, in particular a “Tadjik” one. As well as love to dealers or hatred to nationalists cannot be implanted. Only the telecast rating would increase after this show. People like to watch sex and violence, and the television is willing to show it. So all the modern moral is revealed, based on indifference, irresponsibility and covered with hypocrisy! Only one who “simply does his job” and never thinks about anything - can feel safe. In general, it is not recommended for a modern person to have opinions. But if they had somehow appeared - they should be able to be interpreted in five different ways. It is a problem to do this with my idea, I have expressed it, having taken responsibility upon myself, so, I am an extremist! Well! In my mind, it is better to be a thinking human being in jail than a “cabbage” man at freedom!

    Maksim Martsinkevich ("Tesak")

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