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    Begin to whack mother-fuckers!


    It is well-known that the building of the American Embassy was fired on twice. For the first time it was five years ago, for the second - on March, 28, 1999 when a meeting against NATO bombardment on Yugoslavia was taking place at Novinsky boulevard. On September, 13, 1995 a hollow charge grenade shot from an arch of the house No.18 at the opposite side of the road burnt through a wall at the 6th floor of the building. Unfortunately no harm was done to the Embassy officers. According to some reports the hollow charge shell hit directly into the room of the American cypher office having damaged expensive equipment of special communication.
    In the afternoon March, 28, 1999 two unknown men attacked the chief of the public security police of the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Nikolay Lebedev, took off his official jeep Opel with police identification number and drove to the building of the American Embassy at Novinsky boulevard. Pick us up, we are from the special unit SKIF, we are chasing an armed terrorist. I am a police colonel myself, Lebedev answered, But I have never heard of such a detachment. Nevertheless, two men dressed in camouflage and covering masks got into the car and the colonel drove them to chase a terrorist. Near the Embassy having jumped out from the jeep Suslikov drew out a grenade launcher and tried to make a shot, but his Mukha [Fly] misfired. Having thrown away the grenade launcher the terrorist attacked the Embassy by fire of a Kalashnikov gun and disappeared. A criminal case on the article Terrorism was initiated upon the fact of the fire on the Embassy. On May, 7, 2000 the Federal Security Service administration operative officers detained Alexander Suslikov. Suslikov is well-known in some groups not as a terrorist but as a sculptor of the association Russian fire. By the way, the culprit himself who made a full admission of the illegal act declared in his yesterday speech that he was not a terrorist but had wanted to express in such way the attitude of all over Russia to the bombardment of Yugoslavia by American Air Forces. In March 2001 the Moscow city court (to be more precise, the notorius judge Komarova who had not been disgraced at all but transferred to another job to the cassational instance) sentenced Suslikov to 6,5 years imprisonment. Now Alexander Suslikov serves his punishment in Lefortovo prison and waits for his release.
    The second man, Sergey Gavryushin, was found later using a taken-off from Suslikov sculpture of a man with a grenade launcher which easily reminded features of his associate. The detectives found in his flat large amounts of camouflage uniform, a large and rather specific library composed of textbooks and guidelines on mine-blasting work, weapons training, hand-to-hand combat and such brochures as De-Zionisation, Paganism, Bloody October, Freemasonry and Russian Revolution, The Fifth Column in Russia, The Crash of the Modern World, Conspirology. It is worth mentioning that Sergey Gavryushin had already had problems with authorities. Several years before he had been detained on suspection of weapons storage but had been set free. In September-October 1993 Gavryushin was among the Moscow White House defenders. After several months of investigation Gavryushin was on the street: he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment conditionally. However, 3 years and 2 months later the Moscow city court was already examining his new case.
    By late 1990es an economic warfare began for the technical centre AVTOVAZ-Lublino. It had all the typical features for these local wars wide-spread in Russia. Bribery, threats, forgery of documents, fraudulent bankrupcy, arbitrational courts - everything was used to promote taking-off proprerty from its legal holders - the labour collective.
    The only insuperable obstacle on their way to the desired property was S.N.Gavryushin, one of Sergeys colleagues writes, who defended the stockholders interests in arbitrational courts. He wrote claims to the Internal Affairs Department of the South-East municipal district of Moscow, to the Economic Crime department of South-East municipal district of Moscow, to the Prosecutor office of Moscow and General Prosecutor office with a request to pay attention on the current situation with the technical centre AVTOVAZ-Lublino. The Prosecutor office didnt respond to S.N.Gavryushins claims while the situation with the technical centre AVTOVAZ-Lublino continued to rise.
    On September, 28, 2004, at 9.50 a.m. the 44-year-old founder and member of the board of directors of the technical centre Closed JSC Avtovaz-Lublino Sergey Gavryushin put fatal wounds with firearms to a truck mechanic and a technical centre manager and send a bullet through another employees forearm during their quarrel in the lodgement of the enterprise at Stavropolskaya street. Both men died on the nail, before the ambulance arrival. The wounded man was hurriedly taken to a hospital. The murdered got into a VAZ-2109 automobile and left the place of the crime.
    As detectives found out the motive of the crime commitment was revenge for dismissal from the enterprise. Sergey Gavryushin had been working for 20 years at the technical centre Avtovaz-Lublino where he started as a common truck mechanic and succeeded to become a member of the board of directors of the company, but a year before he was dismissed. Gavryushin didnt want to accept the loss of his job and applied to the court. The judicial proceedings on this case were to take place on September, 29, but a day before the dismissed metropolitan came to the technical service again to have it out with his former colleagues but the talk did not come around.
    ...People read invited papers about an offended assistant director who massacred two innocent managers and wounded the third one but the witnesses and colleagues tell quite another story: Well, they pushed him, Sergey Nikolaevich, into a blind room, so decided to knock him off. Thats for his application to the prosecutor office about their crook business - the seizure of our enterprise. On the eve of the proceedings. Everybody knew that the proceedings were turning out in his favour. They promised to reinstate him in his job and pay out all his salary. The proccedings were appointed on the next day. So such an entrapment took place on that day. But he turned out to be stronger. He is always in such a good trim. So he overcame these bulls. He gained the upper hand. And they attacked him with weapons. Our people had seen them with these pistols even before.
    Leaving the place of the happened tragedy Sergey Gavrilov took with him weapons obtained in the one-sided fight - it was his only chance, the owners fingerprints were left on the guns. He knew like no other how all the job was put-up in that municipal district. The operational team of good guys would arrive and carry out a good investigation.
    ...The Volcano-5 plan was put in force at the territory of Moscow, the operative officers circulated Gavryushins photos to all the police departments and began to search. Approximately at 14.00 p.m. sergeants of the Internal Affairs Department Kuzminki put their attention on a man walking through the park with two heavy bags. It was Gavryushin. As soon as the policemen approached he attacked them and strewed them onto the ground by several professional blows. The policemen hardly managed to detain him. A real armoury was found in the detainees bags: four ball grenades RGD and F-1, a pistol TT and a revolver Taurus, knuckles and ammunition. Judging by this suit he was planning to hide for a long time somewhere in the forest.
    An armed to his teeth criminal didnt touch policemen - isnt it strange? He didnt escape. While he could. Was he able to worsen his position? There was no dactylography and no fingerprinting of the weapons. What for? - the criminal had already been appointed.
    The judge Komarova has neither doubts nor mistakes. Who is appointed will be the criminal. The murder case was examined by the Moscow city court in April-May 2006. The prosecutor Yu.R.Safina led the charge.
    Revenge for his dismissal - why? By such a price - of two lives?
    It is certainly well-known and affirmed by papers that Gavryushin had been offered a job in a bank with a very decent salary in order of magnitude higher than in his native car-care service. In fact he had already started to see over his new work...
    Gavryushin was sentenced to twenty-five years of high security imprisonment. That is the price for his natural dolorous will to justice... Now Sergey Gavryushin is serving time in a penal colony, probably in Arkhangelsk region. We ask those who could give us his exact address to get into touch with the editorial staff.

    Anna Petrenko

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