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«For Will to Freedom!»
против  политических  репрессий
«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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 Newspaper in English  >  For Will to Freedom! #8 - 2006    Суббота, 27 февраля 2021, 04:30 
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    Cuba – Si! Yankee – No!

    для печати  

    Dear heroic Cuban Five!
    Dear friends! Comrades Rene Gonzalez, Fernando Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero!
    I confess those distant events: the landing of heroes led by F.Castro from the board of “Granma” to the swampy seashore of Cuba, the first tragic unsuccessful battles, difficulties, the first victories - as many those born after the war I did not understand the full importance of them. Of course all of us knew that Cubans were heroes. But these were only words.
    Now I have understood the motives of Cuban guerillas’ actions. I have understood them only after my comrades and I had settled down to the course of struggle against class enemies.
    Dear friends! You are captured by the most dangerous enemy of the humankind - the US imperialism. This enemy is more dangerous, cynic and sly than Hitler. You have come into a fight with this enemy. You are an example for imitation. All honest people all over the planet are proud of you. I am sure you will remain such firm fighters in spite of cruel sentences and repressions of imperialism.
    Unfortunately now we can help you only by moral support and solidarity but not by decisive actions.
    I know everything will change. The rotten machine of imperialism will crash down. Revolutionaries of all countries, of all continents will raise the great banner of struggle bequeathed to us by K.Marx, F.Engels, F.Castro and Che Guevara.
    I wish you good health and good luck!

    May, 4, 2006
    Andrey Yakovenko, political prisoner,
    “Odessa case” No. 144

    Goodbye, Ammerica

    It was time when - say thank to degenerated who had implemented the conceptual slogan “Peace to the world!” into the conscience of the 1980es’ generation - the dream of millions of the best people who had sacrificed their whole lives and fates to it crushed down. When the Soviet Union and the socialist countries of Europe crushed down, when Asia was lost among National-Socialist moods and Muslim doctrines... It became the only one - the Freedom Island, Cuba. You who have given your whole life for the IDEA with your whole heart, Cuba is YOUR today personification.
    There are no poor at the Freedom Island. At the Freedom Island you don’t worry while going to harvest cane - your family would get for it a ration of food for a year in advance, you can sing songs and smile, you are confident of your relatives’ health - even bitchy bourgeois go to Cuba because here are THE BEST doctors in the world and you consider a top of idiotism to send your offshoot to Oxford - REAL, not purchasable education is guaranteed here, at Cuba. That’s what enrages a powerful as yet paranoid schizophrenic scum Bush.
    Moreover - even using all the moolah collected by his Daddy Bush couldn’t promote himself at the elections before chewing-Snickerses-having-right-to-vote Americans to win these elections one day, we don’t care when. Bush Junior enlisted support and moolah of Miami mafia. Miami is situated in the state of Florida. Along with stupid middlebrows Cuban migrants live there. They are descendants of those whom Che Guevara did not shoot down by a mistake or by revealed (in vain) humanism. They are descendants of exiled from Cuba after the Revolution victory latifundists, officers-myrmidons of American protege Batista and other scoundrels. They hate free Cuba. They have no way back, nevertheless, they are “foreigners” in America however much they flannel to Bush. Fat honest yankee squeaked of election engineering in Florida, nevertheless Bush became the President.
    However, the Freedom Island was a “bone in the throat” of the world gendarme USA since the first days of the Revolution victory - because of neighbourhood of the young socialist state and because of the loss of the territory controlled before. That’s why American authorities willingly took care in Florida of everyone thrown overboard of the new Cuban history.
    Old friendship and common interests of Miami mafia and Bush’s cohort stuck together in a united monolith - a desire to crush down the Freedom Island.
    The Cuban Five. You don’t know anything about them, or you know something but it is so far... These people sacrificed their whole lives, wonderful, wealthy and picturesque, in the name of the future.
    During the post-revolutionary period more than 4 thousands Cubans died at the hand of American CIA agents in their country liberated from bourgeois and yankees. Regularly, several times a year reconnaissance airplanes were flying over Cuban territory in order to suppress the Freedom Island more effectively. The five Cubans found out who managed in America this massacre at their Motherland. They penetrated in the “sanctuary” - in the top echelons of the top brass of the terrorists acting at the Cuban territory with financial support of the White House...
    That’s why three Cuban intelligence officers - Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero - were sentenced to life imprisonment, two of them - Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez - to 19 and 15 years imprisonment respectively. Hernandez was accused of murder of a reconnaissance airplane pilot, the others - of examination of the process of provision of finance for anti-Cuban groups situated at Miami territory, of finding out certain names and plans of the diversionists.
    Five Cuban patriots, five revolutionaries managed to frighten the berserked neighbour so much that the public prosecution classified 80 percent of the case papers, Cuban consuls had restrained access to the detainees, the US government, they were banned from meeting their wives and children, strewed them around different prisons. The jurors sitting at the proceedings were inhabitants of notorious Miami. If a juror was speaking about neutral attitude towards post-revolutionary Cuba he was withdrawn from the jury. Gerardo, Ramon, Antonio, Fernando and Rene were found guilty even under those charges which the yankee procecutor office had renounced in view of their stupidity.
    The true essense of the monstrous sentence passed on the Five - they loved their Motherland. They did really love it.
    In 1998 the USA represented by authorized structures made a sly move - they came to terms with official Cuban representatives on mutual opposition to terrorism. Since that moment the failure of the Cuban Five was pre-determined - the mean temporary ally - the USA - was too disingenuous, the foreign policy of the Cuban government was too naive in terms of trust to America. Cuba was full of belief that yankee were no longer “the same”, that they been dismayed by death of four thousands Cubans at the hand of Miami bastards and CIA condottieres bred by the USA. The intelligence officers Guerrero, Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Hernandez, Labanino faithfully informed their government as well as the U.S. competent authorities about planned provocations with possible mass victims among Cuban inhabitants. The very Miami authorities detained the Five soon after, and the American government promoted the sentence in fact murderous for the pisoners.
    The protest campaigns shook the world against US revenge to free Cuba streamed into a process of humiliation over five Cuban citizens, three of them were sentenced by the court to serving their punishment in irons.
    More than 200 Committees in defense of the Cuban Five were formed all over the world, including several dozens in the United States. The globalist regime tried to put down the protest fire by the best tool on their opinion - by time. The Florida Appellate Court vacated the sentence in order to pass it again in 2006.
    Messages and applications, collections of signatures and posters with demands to release the Five go on. Of course you may take part in it. BUT in fact to release the Cuban heroes from torture chambers before the victory of the World revolution one ought to find decisive associates, to arm themselves and to take hostages a pair of American bosses. There are as much as shit in any country of the world. And if Bush’s government refuses to send the Five to the Motherland - then to send the cut-off heads to their lord in keeping with the best traditions.

    Larisa Romanova

    [ НАЗАД ]
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