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    What colour is an orange inside?


    Political repressions in Ukraine are not well-known for Russian citizens, including Russian opposition. There is almost no information in Russia about violence at the new orange regime. Having a slight idea of the picture of political life in the fraternal slavic state many people consider the orange revolution not only an acceptable development of events but an advantage. They plan to saddle the orange revolution at once, to turn it into national liberation character or having received great freedom of action to build just society maybe even by legal ways. We hope you wouldnt like to take part in thievish resolutions or to sympathize them after reading this article...
    Since August, 31, 2005 till now three political prisoners of the radical opposition movemet Brotherhood [Bratstvo] are in Kiev detention facility: Aleksandr Lebedev, Viktor Shevtsov, Aleksandr Basharin. The original accusation of these fellows was made completely according to bourgeois state standard of political cases: terrorism, attempt of the state system overthrowing. The criminal activity of the Brotherhood militants is connected with the Ukrainian citizens right for land. According to the Ukrainian law certain amount of land at the territory where citizens live is given to them for exploitation. In common this right is formal but many common citizens and Brotherhood militants have decided to drive out the land reposed to them from the bureaucrats and have demanded to stop manipulation in this field. The package of prepared papers was given in the Kiev City hall. The bureaucrats delayed the investigation of this question on different pretences and finally declared that the papers had disappeared. Had been lost...

    Aleksandr LebedevAleksandr Lebedev
    We met this picturesque militant far ago, even at the old headquarters. Merry and cheerful, with excellent sense of humour, he could be seen in Kerch, at the march to Brussels and at the actions against Omelchenko (the Kiev Mayor).
    It was the recent action at the Kiev City administration that became the reason of his arrest. On August, 31 everybody was liberated after the action, and we heartly greeted our brothers at the headquarters. Later he was arrested again.
    Sanya [Aleksandr] is always full of calm and assurance of the victory. Of course it is hard for him now - he has got a gastric ulcer, and the investigators dont allow to transfer him necessary drugs and food. Every minute of our brothers staying in custody of anti-peoples regime moves closer to the end of the tyranny because of which he turned out to be behind the bars.

    Aleksandr BasharinAleksandr Basharin
    A calm and quiet, laconic party militant, able to fulfil any given task: from illegal border crossing to distribution of propaganda literature. Born in Donbass, he joined us as a tent camp militant in Mariinsky park (Kiev, the anti-orange camp, the Supreme Rada of Ukraine is situated in this park). The aim of the camp was to attract the public attention to the repressions practised against the opposition.
    It is his exclusive dedication to common deed that is reminded after communication with him. Now the law-enforcement authorities officers had to meet this feature. They should make correct conclusions about the Brotherhood after talking to him.

    Viktor ShvetsovViktor Shvetsov
    Party pseudonym Walter
    He joined us during the first journey to Brussels. He is an uncle of two our Dnepropetrovsk militants from the city of Ordjonikidze.
    He started his political activities in the early 1990es, was the RUKh member and so had problems with local law-enforcement authorities.
    During his staying at our Kiev headquarters he received his second, spiritually kind pseudonym Grandfather. On our mind fidelity to his principles is one of the best Walters features. Probably our brother was imprisoned because of this fidelity. Nobody can now envy the servants of the orange regime - they have much more headache. We have no doubt nobody is able to break down morally our Grandfather. He is an experienced, tried-and-true militant. Intelligent and quiet if he is not disturbed.

    Seven militants entered the City hall with a petition containing a number of social demands on land question. The guards did not allow the fellows inside for handing in the demands, the police blocked the entrance to the building. A scuffle broke out. Five were detained, two disappeared and were declared to search. Two of the detained were liberated for a written undertaking not to leave. In December the arrested brothers started the insight of the case materials.
    The party supports its prisoners: judicial and material assistance is organized, pickets are held near administration buildings with demands to stop political violence. In autumn 2005 two Brotherhood militants found a way into a conference-banket of Ukrainian judges and at the height of the judges entertainment they shook out a huge poster Freedom to political prisoners. Both fellows were detained and sent to an isolation ward.
    Political repressions against the Brotherhood are continious. Thus, on the holiday Freedom day (November, 22) assigned by Yuschenko the Brothers handed in an application for a peaceful meeting Contr-Maidan at the European square in Kiev. Nobody prohibited the action. Nevertheless, near 100 participants were stopped by Kiev authorities at the exit of the party office. As a sign of protest the march moved to the driveway of the street followed by cars of the special forces Berkut [Golden Eagle] which encircled the march and began beating the youth. The majority of the militants were caught, put into detention cars and driven to local police departments, some of the detained were driven out of the city and thrown out of the cars.
    On the eve of the Great Revolution day November, 7 the authorities detained young radicals preventively, without any pretext. During the detention two militants lay onto the ground as a sign of protest and blocked the entrance to the Supreme Rada. Its amusing that they were moving exactly there - one of them was a deputy, the other was a journalist (the co-author of this article Yury Prokopenko). Both were held in an isolation ward for 7 days on this administrative case. The most famous Brotherhoods action is the seizure of the Central Election Commission of Ukraine with demands to open electoral precincts for Trans-Dniester Ukrainians. The citizens electoral rights were restored, nevertheless, a criminal case was initiated against the Brothers.
    The main current object of the radicals hatred is the pro-American policy of the orange, dermocratisation [shit-isation] of the country, turning it into a toy of the world globalism monster. The Brotherhood positions as a ultra-right left-radical movement. The base of the partys ideology is Orthodox Christianity that is rather strange. The Brothers are ready to co-operate with radical opposition but they explain frankly that there are extremely few representatives of it.
    The radicalism of the Brothers actions and their aspiration to violent change of the regime frightens opposition chatterers. Generally Ukrainian protest youth joins this certainly left movement, open for everyone and having no strict political platform. Minors often prove to be among detained in isolation wards.
    From the Brotherhood leaflet: Now the authorities allow people to stand with posters under high windows and to cadge like beggars. The bureaucrats tired of counting bribes like to spit down at the participants of the pickets. But as soon as the bureaucrates are taken by udder all the power of repressive machine is switched on. But we dont want to weep near the administration. We consider a bureaucrat should be afraid of the people!

    Irina Kip
    Yury Prokopenko

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