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«For Will to Freedom!»
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«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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 Newspaper in English  >  For Will to Freedom! #10 - 2007    Суббота, 27 февраля 2021, 04:11 
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    Mad Crowd: from a crowd to an organization

    для печати  

    Youth is never “for”. It is always a generation “against. Against parents, against teachers, against the life in which there is nothing to eat, there are rich and poor, titbits are distributed to foreigners who behave boldly and brassily. Finally, against the System. For more than a year Russia is engaged into an “anti-fascist hysteria”. A new foundation for an old “hut on chicken legs” - the presidential campaign - is a rather lucky choice, the “dear Russians” remembering the terrible German fascism have accepted even “anti-fascism” of the “Nashi” [“Ours”] movement, to say nothing of their irrevocable belief in Russian fascist suddenly spawned in cities and villages. The terminology is questionable but it is possible to compare commonly, empirically who is who. So, as soon as declared National-Socialism has never been constructed while examining what has been constructed one may come to a conclusion that fascism is the extreme grade of bourgeois nationalism. First, annexionist foreign policy and agressive towards other nationalities representatives internal one are typical for it. It was laid as a basis for theoretical constructions, too. Now the USA comply most of all with this determination.
    The “Russian fascists”’ behaviour doesn’t look like annexionist and aggressive. It looks more like defensive. The most widespread reply to my question why a boy or a girl has got interested in nationalist ideas was “I am fed up with guests’ discourtesy”. The capitalists have found a source of cheap manpower represented by immigrants, as a result salaries go down dramatically and even so deficiency of work stations arises. At the same time Tadjik and Gypsy drug mafia has become a real bonanza for bureaucrats of different levels. Of course such state policy sharpens contradictions between different population groups. A few people wish to find out who is really guilty in this situation. But there are some who wish. And who find out. Even not at once. Even representatives of extremely right groups come to a conclusion that not people of other nationality are guilty but the System where the Russian President and Government are only cogs in a machine.
    The nickname “Russian fascists” was thought out in order not to think who are real fascists.

    Они устали

    Fan clubs, leagues - what do we know about them? The first thing which occurs - mass fights, stadium trashes, street battles on the question whose club is stronger. But it is not always so. Yet in 2004 arrests of members of the “Mad Crowd” group - the “Zenit” club fans were reported in St.Petersburg. They were accused of crimes not common for fans... Gradually the fuss was down. As a result the culprits were sentenced to 2 years conditionally to 3 years in settlement colony, and our “law-violating” authorities reported the liquidation of an extremist group. But events occured in 2006 made us understand that everything had been more complicated and confused.
    In 2002 Ruslan Melnik joined Mad Crowd, a member of the extreme right group Schultz-88 whose leader Dmitry Bobrov had been arrested in December 2005 and sentenced to 6 years imprisonment for national antagonism propaganda. Ruslan was not going to be a common fan and to take part in actions only. He rose a question: why doesn’t the group fight against enemies of Russian people, why does it let them crush it with impunity? Something should be done! Alexey Voevodin and Dmitry Borovikov who were leading the group at the moment agreed with him. But where to fing the enemy? Nationalist moods and wish to act immediately suggested that enemies were everywhere: blacks, guests, in the streets and at the markets... Unfortunately it is the conclusion that because of its false simplicity often occurs to youth who understand that someting goes wrong but it’s too difficult to find out what it is, and that’s why real serious enemies manage to avoid responsibility for years...
    The organization was developing. An experimental action was pointed on October, 19, 2002. The group attacked 2 Chinese at “Dostoevskaya” metro station in Petersburg. They were kicked down and beaten. The Chinese survived. All the events were recorded by a video camera, that testified about original realistic training. According to the investigation, later at least twice - on December, 21, 2002 and March, 16, 2003 - the group committed attacks on Armenians at Aleksandrovskaya station platform. But according to the case, a crowd having gone out after the concert of the “Svarog” group was at the platform at that moment, so however it would hardly ever be found out who had beaten the ethnics.
    Pavel Rumyantsev more famous as Apostle has joined the group in 2003. Borovikov, Voevodin, Melnik and he were already dissatisfied with reality, with the Schultz-88 organization because of their actions softness and with Mad Crowd because of its primitive grassroots Nazism. Their self-made magazine wrote: “We wage a war against the System. We understand our main enemy is the world occupational government but not skibbies”.
    Having realized it they decided to organize a group of a new type. The basis was laid by Alexey Voevodin. He has inherited 2 flats from his mother and grandmother. Having sold one of them the group acquired a car, 4 “Saiga”carabines, tritol, portable radio sets and scanners for police talks interception. This approach was effective. On April, 6, 2003 the group together with the Mad Crowd composed of near 30 persons entered the “McDonalds” at Nevsky avenue, 45 and battered it for two minutes. The damage exceeded 200,000 roubles. The participants of the action began to call themselves antiglobalists quite reasonably.
    But arrests followed soon. The mistakes made by Mad Crowd had its negative effect. Some Mad Crowd members were arrested including Alexey Voevodin. Melnik and Borovikov were put on the wanted list. The result of these arrests was a trial over the “Crowd” members.
    5 persons were convicted.
    Alexey Voevodin was sentenced to 3 years in a settlement colony, Pavel Deshevkov to 3 years in a settlement colony, Kirill Miloradov to 3 years in a settlement colony, Dmitry Korobeinikov to 2 years in a settlement colony, Yury Ivanov who had had a conditional sentence (1 year conditionally) - to a cumulative sentence of 2 years in a settlement colony and Alexey Berezin to 2 years conditionally.
    The crackdown of Mad Crowd was examined thoroughly, and conclusions were made. The most scrupulous conspiracy was introduced in the group. Permanent training on street fighting and weapons use were held. Wearing a knife, a gas balloon, a sharp instrument was compulsory for the group members, a militant was being fined for their absence. Fees into a common cash fund were collected.
    Like Arabs who had seized airplanes on September, 11, 2001 everybody wore along plastic knives to pass metal detectors unnoted. They sewed blades in their clothes in order to keep their end up in the case of detention. Guidelines were worked out how to behave during detention. The group never had talks inside, only outdoors, in deserted places where a flag with swastika was raised certainly and Putin’s portraits were burnt down. Besides, they almost never used cell phones and borrowed them from bypassers in the case of a necessity to communicate urgently. They encrypted places of meetings as well as their time. The group members didn’t even use metro cards with chips able to store information dangerous for illegals.
    On June, 7, 2004 sentenced to death for violating these regulations, cowardice and grogginess Rostislav Hofman and Alexey Golovchenko were executed near Zakhodskoe village, Vyborg district, Leningrad region. Moreover, the militants named their group just BTO - the Battle Terrorist Organization.
    The organization worked very actively. If funds were necessary - the way is well-known for a long time: expropriations. 4 armed attacks on post branches were committed in 2005. That’s why in November 2005 Alexey Kostrachenkov and Artem Prokhorenko were arrested and accused of violent robberies using the TT pistol and the OSA traumatic pistol.
    Besides, the organization held elaborations in ideological field in which Pavel Gusev, famous as Rzhevsky, a 4th course student of the Tourism Institute, the PR faculty, took the most active part. A decision was taken: while it was impossible to reach the main enemies - the occupational government members, forces and resources were still insufficient to overthrow the authority. But to move towards this direction destabilization of the regime was necessary. So destabilizing terror was necessary. The organization analysed mass media reports regularly and has come to a conclusion that actions against foreigners interpreted by mass media as fascist cause the greatest resonance. That’s why swastikas were drawn on the pump-action shortgun by which a Senegalese was killed on April, 7, 2006.
    On June, 12, 2004 the group has executed Nikolay Girenko, an anti-communist, Starovoytova’s associate, a famous ethnographist who had taken part in expertises on criminal cases concerning right extremism. His executed death sentenced was published at the website of self-proclaimed Russian Republic.
    Andrey Malyugin, a contract soldier having gone through Chechnya, a sniper, has joined the group in 2004. He has brought a new vector of development. He offered to follow the example of Mujaheddins who overstood the occupation successfully, to unite together efforts. They would even accept Islam for the sake of appearance. Having thought over variants they decided that if they organize explosions of 2-3 Shakhids in Petersburg during the G-8 summit the whole world would speak about the organization. The organization had sufficient explosives but unfortunately these plans were not destined to be realized.
    At that time the certain Agency of Journalist Investigations was working in Petersburg headed by Andrey Konstantinov who before had led the security agency “Baltic escort” and founded by Roman Tsepov, the former chief of Sobchak’s security, a regular officer of the Organized Crime Department. Fortunately Tsepov was poisoned but the AJI continued its work. The AJI paid its attention to magazines about conspiracy and struggle against the System published by the organization. Gradually they came upon one group member who wished to leave it but was afraid of fair revenge and drove him at collaboration. The Agency has found out that the organization had passed a death sentence upon the chief of the Organized Crime Department 18th anti-extremist subdivision Chernopyatov and the operative officer Boyko who had been engaged in work against the organization. The information revealed was immediately passed to the Ministry of Internal Affairs central office.
    For a long time they failed to track down and arrest the organization. The arrests were carried out from May, 18 to 21, 2006 and began with the murder of Dmitry Borovikov by a shot to his nape. We was killed near his house and did not succeed to use his knife. In total 5 persons were arrested:
    Pavel Gusev, Rzhevsky, the 4th course student of the Baltic Tourism Institute,
    Pavel Rumyantsev, Apostle, the 4th course student of the Hertzen Pedagogic University,
    Andrey Malyugin, Militant, a canteen guard,
    Sergey Rumyantsev, an unemployed,
    and Roman Orlov, a worker.
    The last was Ruslan Melnik arrested at the night before the summit on July, 14 by the FSB Anti-terrorist department. His arrest was prepared particularly carefully because at the attempt of his arrest on the Mad Crowd case in 2004 Melnik sprinkled a gas balloon into the Organized Crime Department officer’s face, broke another one’s arm and disappeared.
    That was the end of the BTO which had left lines of addresses from its underground magazines for our edification:

    To policemen
    Cop! You guard the kikeregime. You are a sentenced whore. Cops are killed with knives. Isn’t it funny? You cops have already lost your lives. Wait, we’ll come and take them.

    To compatriots
    Commoners, realize that you are nothing more than a mass used by kikes in their interests. For us you are also a mass, your life doesn’t cost a penny. If you are not able to change anything in this country we’ll do it.

    Igor Fedorovich

    [ НАЗАД ]
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