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    Go left or go right thats the same


    Monsters always appear at timid souls way, and no matter if they are called a hyppogryph or a Hitlerite...
    ...Nobody believes in the death of his heart that the world situation can be changed. Everybody lives expecting for a great event, the only one that is upmost in our thoughts day and night: the new war.
    ...Nowadays is the Century of Force, simple and crude. Now is either heaven or hell, there will be no more middle.
    Henry Miller The Time of the Assassins

    Once while sitting in the 6th detention centre I asked my lawyers who have been defending me unselfishly for 5,5 years why their line of clients had decreased dramatically in spite of all the mass media PR.
    The answer with a bitter smile was the following: The clients first question today is what investigators and judges I know personally. They need a lawyer - a buffer for bribing. For the case finish or an imprisonment term less than the lowest.
    A lawyer - a public activist with his own opinion, a fighter against bureaucrats lawlessness is not called for by commoners.
    But for present authorities he is dangerous. Along with the growth of Putins marasmus such lawyers began to be put in jail.


    Ekaterinburg lawyer Sergey Kotov had an original officious PR. Allegedly a malicious fascist Kotov was gathering minor skinheads at some meetings in undetermined places of his native city and called upon them to kill non-Russians. Later Kotov went home to read Nazi books and skinheads killed Yakuts on their way to alehouse. Thats what the investigator of the criminal case on S.L.Kotov told from the screens of Sverdlovsk TV sets against a background of taken away from the lawyer books by Hitler, etc.
    It is typical that none of taped by journalists picturesque books was in fact taken away from Kotov during searches. NB - during illegal and unapproved seachers in his flat and firm of attorneys. Since October, 16, 2006 the lawyer Kotov is detained in the detention facility. By the native and favourite article 282. Kotov is accused of not less than creation of an extremist community. Although he is the only culprit, without any extremist associates.
    The ordered case is arranged clumsily and crudely. By brown sewing.
    To find associates sentences on skinhead cases of Sverdlovsk region are sewn in the case. Although the convicted skinheads hardly know the Daddy personally - no confrontation was made with Kotov during investigation. What was the need in proceedings while following operative guidelines from the regional FSS was sufficient for the lawyers arrest: ...The connection between the regional branch of the Peoples National Party (PNP) S.L.Kotov and the radical nationalist organization Movement against Illegal Immigration (MAII) was revealed. According to the information acquired since 2003 S.L.Kotov keeps in close contact with the MAII functionaries from Perm territory... S.L.Kotov was simultaneously leading two structures the majority of members of which refer themselves to supporters of the skinhead movement... Since September significant enhancement of the local MAII branch activities is observed at the territory of Sverdlovsk region... The premises allow to come to the conclusion that in spite of S.L.Kotovs persecution as the local PNP branch leader he continues unlawful activities keeping in contact with Sverdlovsk regional MAII branch supporters... In January Sergey Kotov has got familiar with two volumes of witnesses testimonies. It revealed that all the witnesses need additional modest incomes as they are non-permanent empoyees of police, the FSS and the Organized Crime Department. As a sign of his protest against such an impudent falsification of the case Kotov was keeping a hunger strike for 18 days.
    At the lawyers arrest one of the operative officers shouted him merrily to his face: Are you for the Russian people? Where have you seen it?
    So what is the Peoples National Party? And what is the Russian people existence of which amused policemen so much which the arrested lawyer had been taking care of?
    In fact in 2004 Sergey Kotov took part in the quite legal registration of the Peoples National Party in the Ministry of Justice of RF. This PNP registration exists till now. In fact the PNP and the MAII sympathize each other on a number of questions. Rising a disputable and speculative on this articles authors point of view question of Russian peoples rights violation (although rights of all peoples of our multinational country are violated now) Kotov hates unambiguously the brand of a fascist stuck on him by fake procedural scraps of paper.
    It is impossible to separate this mans biography, professional activity, public position and views.
    Sergey Kotov has been engaged in advocacy for 20 years. Until the USSR breakdown he was a communist party member, worked as an electrician, at the same time studied law, served his time in the Army, later worked in the CPSU regional committee until 1986. His only spurt to power after perestroika was his running for a peoples deputy of the RSFSR. His competitor was nobody else but Borya Yeltsin. Already famous as a lawyer, Kotov left his profession for a short time for his electoral campaigh with the only aim to prevent Yeltsins election in the same district. As a former party employee who knew well the former Sverdlovsk regional CPSU committee secretarys habits Kotov realized well what Yeltsins return to power could bring.
    Kotov defended in judicial and investigatory proceedings many journalists, human rights activists, employees persecuted by political motives. His colleagues point out the lawyers absolute material uninterestedness - at the same time Kotov was awarded in 2005 with a certificate of honour of the Advocates Chamber of Sverdlovsk region (for high qualification in defense of citizens and organizations legal rights and interests, honourable advocacy), mentioned in the report of the Committee Lawyers for human rights in 1991. Kotov often rendered services to poor citizens or persecuted politicians free of charge. To the moment of his arrest Kotovs family had no money to hire a lawyer... for a lawyer.
    Due to great awareness of the second bottom of many high-profile cases kotov knew well the position and contacts of ethnic criminal groups in the city (the Mustafaevs case, etc.).
    Due to his active public position Kotov knew to whom and for what purpose the ethnic criminal groups money flows moved to the Sverdlovsk power vertical.
    He didnt keep silence and didnt try to tear off anything from the golden calf - he appeared actively and published revelations of those facts. An interesting detail: Sergey Kotov was awarded with a certificate For courage exhibited and active citizenship while fighting corruption in regional law-enforcement authorities.
    So, there is no reason to be surprised with Sergey Kotovs care for Russian people. Only those scums in shoulder straps could laugh at it who like to bribe either from non-Russian or from Russian ethnic criminal groups.
    The State Duma deputies Roizman, Kuryanovich, Saveliev; the Advocates Chamber of Sverdlovsk region chairman I.V.Mikhailovich, the Council of public non-commercial associations of Sverdlovsk region chairman V.I.Khachev, the regional public association Union of human rights organizations of Sverdlovsk region president V.I.Popov applied to different instances with demands to discharge Kotov from custody, to stop the delirious criminal case.
    Although the listed protectors of the restless lawyer were not still consecrated Russian fascists their declaration in defense of the prisoner was set aside.
    The authorities marasmus strengthens, the hysteria of Russian fascism gains its momentum. For example a criminal case on the same article 282 was initiated against the mentioned MAII leader A.Belov. Not for Russian Marches having frightened dissolved in fat Moscow. But for Kondopoga.
    It is difficult to believe the prosecution theory that Alexander Belov unknown to local population before the massacre on national background in the city cafe even using all his charisma arrived and persuaded local inhabitants to bashing towards national minorities.
    In this case, where is Belov who provoked the international massacre in Kazakhstan, the war in Tadjikistan, the mass murders in Abkhazia, the perpetual Chechen horror? Those are guilty in civil wars, massacres, murders on national background who gets profit of it. Those who pulled out awesome money from the breakdown and plundering of the great country, who occupied a high position or who warms his ass at Canar beaches.
    Thats why I call upon indifferent - once the authorities lawlessness and stupidity will reach you in your neat flat sooner or later, in some or other way. No Putin can secure from September, 11.
    I call upon stubborn racists and bullet-headed antifa - the 16-year-old anti-fascist Kacharava and the 17-year-old MAII militant Ryazantsev were killed within a year. 13-14-year-old who have shaved their heads or put on anarchy signs may share this fate tomorrow. Are you waiting for it in you confrontation to each other? The authorities have the only means for blunt silence, for screaming hysterics - it is a cudgel of Vaska from OMON!
    It is time to take arms for everybody! It is time to annihilate the odious bourgeois Putins regime!

    The address: Sergey Leonidovich Kotov, SIZO No. 66/1, Ekaterinburg
    Russia Material assistance should be directed to the lawyers mother Praskovia Petrovna Kotova, the current account No. 40817810100000612563 in the JSC Severnaya Kazna [Northern Treasury] bank in Ekaterinburg,the correspondent account No. 30101810100000000854 in the Ordjonikidze payment processing centre of Ekaterinburg, RCBIC 046551854.

    Larisa Romanova

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