в  защиту  политзаключенных
«For Will to Freedom!»
против  политических  репрессий
«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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 Newspaper in English  >  For Will to Freedom! #10 - 2007    Суббота, 27 февраля 2021, 02:11 
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    Good morning, dear reader!

    для печати  

    ДетиOf course, editorial addresses of our newspaper and “For Freedom” project to you are too short in total - first, because of rigorous framework of each issue, its small size and compact information capacity. So we rely upon your understanding, your credit to honesty of people of faith of this edition.

    Our backward congratulation to you on the fallen New Year. The idea that it would be hot at the eve of the next “electoral” 2008 is encouraging. Spontaneous incandescence of non-admission of present authorities’ delinquency, stupidity and degeneracy in our great country grows day by day. Outbursts of resistance to current order grow (even not only in Russia), political repressions and puppet governors’ “preventive” lawlessness strengthen respectively. We have no technical opportunity to highlight daily news on this situation in our newspaper regularly, so to get a full and objective impression you can look through the daily renewing website of the “For Freedom” project - www.zavolu.info

    What does this newspaper look like, finally, what’s it ideal essence? While developing this project for a year and a half we haven’t got an unambiguous reply to this question. Having originated as a small and non-self-sufficient information bulletin on political prisoners on the initiative of a narrow range of political prisoners themselves liberated in 2005 this project has grown into something more. It was our hatred to the Beastly System, to devolution of conscience and spiritual values, impudence and honesty which remained unchanged. At the same time the mosaic structure of the material (in fact, only apparent at first glance) is subject to the project participants’ membership in different movements, organizations, to their non-identical views. The only similarity is the protest conscience.

    We express our great gratitude (finally, at the front page) to everybody who has been rendering aid to political prisoners for a long time either due to our addresses or on their own initiative: to the newspaper distributors who transfer funds for political prisoners as well, to the Moscow Committee for Defence of Political Prisoners (to N.O.Glagoleva personally), to its Donetsk branch (to T.I.Gerasimenko and T.V.Yakubovskaya personally), to the Movement against State Extremism (to O.Fedyukov and E.Pugachev personally), to the National-Bolshevik Party of Ukraine (to S.Lagoda personally), to the “Che Guevara” Youth Association (to A.Budilo, V.V.Tereschuk, N.Kuzmenko personally), to the Russian Communist Workers’ Party (to Yu.Korotkov, P.Bylevsky, I.Kostikova personally), to Poeticized Society for Working out a Theory of Nationwide Happiness (PORTOS) (to A.Merkulov, I.Derguzova personally), to the “Duel” newspaper editorial board, to the Electrostal branch of CPRF (to N.A.Kovaleva personally), TO LAWYERS v.Chernikov, D.Sirozhidinov, to the Human Rights Institute (to V.M.Hefter personally), to the Committee “For Civil Rights” (to A.V. Babushkin personally), to the Social-Ecological Union (to S.Zabelin personally), to the “Collective Action” Institute, to the Ekaterinburg Movement against Violence, to the www.politzeki.ru project, to Trans-Dniester communists (to N.Bondarenko personally), to D.Korchinsky’s “Brotherhood” (to Yu.Prokopenko personally), to Lugansk and Kharkov CPU regional committees, to R.Yusupov, G.Shlygina, A.Philippova, N.Sherstobitov, A.Smekalin.

    We thank heartily our newspaper’s distributors who provide the very existence of the “For Freedom!” project: the VRY-LR, D.Aritkulov, V.Akhmetzyanova, G.Alekseev, M.Volkov, V.Davydchik, S.Anoshin, D.Kozlov, N.Kunaeva, T.Milyakh, S.Novikov, V.Nikiforov, M.Razhev, V.Ryazantsev, S.Saveliev, V.Shaposhnikov, V.Kirpun, V.Krasnov, A.Cherepanov, D.Khanin, Yu.Slobodkin, Ya.Karachevtsev, E. Zonov, V.Tatarnikov, F.Melnikov, K.Olefir, S.Gaisin, M.Zhurkin, I.Strukov, the Moscow National-Bolshevik Front, O.Pankratova, K.Vlasov, K.Takuev, E.Fradkin, T.Shevkova, G.Zverev, M.Kostyaev, E.Lashmankin, S.Kazakov, N.Kornienko, V.Turchin, M.Savelkov, V.Makshanov.

    Our readers’ vivid reply to the action “A book to a political prisoner” was surprising. The action was stopped until May 2007 in view of the great amount of books collected. Thanks to all who took part in the action. It is impossible neither to outline nor to fix everybody who gave books for political prisoners. We thank personally A.Chervyakov, the “Duel” newspaper editorial board, S.Gaisin, Nikolay from Perm, comrade Maslov.

    We also thank everybody who sends materials for the information resource - the website of the project “For Freedom!”, who participates in readers’ exchange of opinions, in forum discussions.

    From October to February material assistance was rendered to political prisoners: N.Baluev, I.Fedorovich, N.Raks, O.Nevskaya, A.Yakovenko and his family, A.Gerasimov, B.Zinchenko, I.Romanov, O.Alekseev, I.Danilov, A.Smirnov’s family, M.Kurasova, Yu.Bednov, Ya.Mavlevich. Campaigns were held successfully with the participation of the “For Freedom!” project for cancel of penal colonies’ administration’s pressure on I.Romanov, I.Danilov. Specifications on the claim to the European Court for Human Rights on the “Odessa case” are prepared. Demands to stop the police lawlessness in penal colonies where N.Raks and K.Klenov serve their punishment are issued regularly. We took part in the signatures gathering campaign for liberation of Cuban political prisoners from American jails. The information resource (the website “For Freedom!”) is filled with information on political prisoners on post-Soviet territory and considerably on political prisoners from other countries. Names of political proceedings and addresses of political prisoners, contacts of activists who render direct assistance to political prisoners (including those at places where they serve their punishment) are pointed at the website of the newspaper. During the same period the “For Freedom!” participants have visited political prisoners I.Danilov, I.Romanov, A.Yakovenko, Yu.Bednov. The pressrun of the book containing creative works of former and present political prisoners - “We have made an agreement with the Death - that means with the Victory!” is being distributed (was published under the editorship of “For Freedom!”). The profit from the book distribution will be directed to rendering legal aid to Ya.Mavlevich.

    Editorial Board

    [ НАЗАД ]
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