в  защиту  политзаключенных
«For Will to Freedom!»
против  политических  репрессий
«Наша воля к победе не должна иметь границ,
пока мы в неволе...»
«ЗА ВОЛЮ!»-в защиту политзаключённых-против политических репрессий
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 Newspaper in English  >  For Will to Freedom! #11 - 2007    Понедельник, 21 мая 2018, 19:41 
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    For Will to Freedom! #11 - 2007

    Propaganda of Terrorism
    Пропаганда терроризмаWe are often accused of terrorism but in vain – we were not engaged in it, and I repent of it now. I have once heard so many phrases of “hysteric flashes” and “iron footstep of proletarian battalions” lifted out of the context by our theoreticians that I have almost completely excluded individual terror (i.e. shooting off representatives of bourgeoisie and bureaucracy) from our repertoire. I was even arguing that more bourgeois smashed daily in their cars than revolutionaries had shot off during the entire post-perestroika period, and their amount was not decreasing – as a result we were not to deal with it but to concentrate our attention at propaganda and labour movement. Well, that’s certainly a very important matter but now I have doubts whether we had denied individual terror to no purpose.
    There is an opinion that individual terror discredits revolutionaries. The question is: in whose eyes?  »»» 

    A Grenade for a Fascist
    I do not call the police! Late at night November, 14, 2005 a police patrol has brought a detainee suspected of hijacking to the call centre of the Ordzhonikidze police department of the city of Sverdlovsk at Shefskaya street. Perhaps he could be accused of it and the name of Andrey Mikov could never become famous. And the man himself could turn into a next line in a police report.
    But at that night the policemen were not on the cards to fulfill their black deed.  »»» 

    Neither Believe nor Be Afraid nor Beg…
    Мирон КозмаOn January, 10, 2007 a political prisoner, miner Ionel Ciontu has died of liver and heart disease in one of Romanian prisons. His relatives and comrades learned about his death from the TV news. The miners trade union leaders Miron Kozma, Constantine Kretan, Dorin Lois, Vasile Lupu and Romeo Deja remain in Romanian prisons sentenced to 5 to 90 years imprisonment. Of course our mass media didn’t notice this news, only 3-4 reports flashed through the Internet. Who are they, almost forgotten nowadays political prisoners of the nearby Romania?  »»» 

    The Main Feature: Society! Your driftwood fights for you
    Society! Your Driftwood Fights For YouAll of us are different, very different people… Of course this “difference” may be considered a wish to talk large. I also think so sometimes when in doldrums, but, on the other hand… What did we have to do in prison and in colony except for endless talking? Attempts to understand each other, to persuade in something…  »»» 

    Goebbels’ Arithmetic or How to Write Articles
    Табуретка от IKEA. Иван УшковWeak whimpering can be found in left and patriotic press (real indignation is not expressed in such way) on the matter of impudent fraud of poor commoners by bourgeois mass media, of facts frame-up, of using unchecked data, of double standards, of undeserving fouling odious figures of our heroic past, raking in their dirty wash. Thereby the whimperers excuse, excuse, excuse…  »»» 
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